Tips to prepare fresh fruit bouquet


These days, fruit bouquet is considered to be a rage. They are great looking, healthy, and also, affordable. Purchasing fresh fruit bouquet in Nottingham is no more a difficult task, especially with plenty of online sites having launched their own sites from where one can easily book their own choice. Most of the sites are specialized in having a wonderful collection of edible fruit bouquets.

Preparing fresh fruit bouquet

Learning how to prepare fresh fruit bouquet can indeed be rewarding, and also, filled with fun. Homemade edible fruit bouquet can make a huge difference to the recipient and is likely to have a satisfying experience that can also be shared with the others. It is also regarded to be a healthy way to convey the message of how much the person is being loved and his health cared for.
What is required?
• Fresh pineapple
• Fresh honeydew melon and cantaloupe
• Fresh strawberries
• Fresh grapes
• Stainless-steel ridge knife
• Melon ball
• Bamboo skewers
• Kitchen shears
• Sharp knife to cut fruit
• Cutting board
• Cookie cutter
• Floral foam
• Bowl, mug, basket, vase, ceramic pot


Assembling the fruit bouquet

Once all the fruits are neatly cut and prepared, they need to be assembled properly. For this, the individual will require the ‘vase’ floral foam and bamboo skewers for cutting the fruit for preparing the fruit bouquet. Also, some creativity is needed.
• Floral foam is to be placed into the container. Otherwise, iceberg lettuce head can be used as long as the fruit bouquet is not to be unrefrigerated for a long time.
• Bamboo skewers are to be cut into various lengths. It should have a bouquet appearance and the fruits are to be placed at different heights. A better way to place is by putting the short pieces outside and to build higher while approaching to the centre. Before the fruit is being skewered, one should envision as to how the bouquet needs to appear like. Fruit assortment is to be placed on both short and long skewers. The entire idea is derive variety.
• Pineapple flowers are to be placed first. It is to be skewered in the centre and made sure that skewer protrudes 1” to 2” through the pineapple. A preferred melon ball is to be placed on protruding piece, to ensure that pineapple appears like that of a flower and its melon as bud.
• Next, the strawberries are to be skewered. It is to be skewered through the cut side and to have the point facing upwards. It is not to be pushed hard. The skewer can be stopped halfway right through strawberry to get a secure hold.
• The grapes are to be skewered next. Place 5-7 grapes on the skewer. It will appear as if twigs, stems, and greenery.
• Once all the fruits are skewered, it needs to be arranged. The tallest pieces should be built in the centre. The skewers are to be pushed far down into the foam to make them stand straight and to avoid it from flopping on one another.

If preparing at home seems to be an arduous task, one can always order from online stores.

Easter fruit baskets that win hearts


The Good Friday – Easter weekend presents a wonderful opportunity for folks to pack their bags and get back to their home town for a lovely weekend homecoming. There are so many people who love to visit parents and siblings during the Easter holidays to enjoy some fun filled moments with near and dear ones. Getting home also makes it rather mandatory to ferry gifts for loved ones, especially if you have been able to make it for very infrequent trips back home. Gifts always add to the warmth and affection of each occasion and are a great way to express your love for those who matter the most.

2_Easter fruit basketsComing to the topic of gifts, these have the potential of evoking quite extreme reactions from people. There are those who find it very easy to choose out gifts for relatives as contrasted with those who get overwhelmed with the choices available. In either case, gifting Easter fruit baskets make a world for sense for those who want to please others through their gifting prowess. Gifting is an art and those who are able to craft beautiful fruit baskets as Easter gifts can be said to be artists in their own right.

One may think that putting together a fruit basket is a very humdrum and monotonous activity. However, you will be surprised to know that, like every other activity, making a fruit basket can also lend itself to exquisite artistic expression. For one, you need to have a fairly good idea of the fruits that should go into the basket. Fresh fruits, dry fruit and nuts and accompaniments of sweets or chocolates can go towards creating a winsome combo for fruit basket of choice. You can also put in a generous helping of chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in attractive paper and adorned with accoutrements that make the fruit basket a visual treat in addition to the culinary attraction that it is supposed to be.

Organic fruits are all the rage nowadays as people becoming increasingly health conscious. Organic fruits are devoid of harmful preservatives and use of pesticides, hence quite beneficial for health. You can order an assortment of organic fruits as an Easter gift and place it in special willow or wicker baskets to bring a smile onto the face of your loved one. It is possible that the basket would be cherished and preserved long after the fruits have been consumed as a fond memory of your special thoughtfulness.

It is amazing but true that fruit baskets are also an expression of love and care since you go out of your way to handpick and choose out only those fruits that your loved one likes. This shows that you have spent not only money, but also taken the trouble to cater to their specific likes and dislikes. If you are a lover want to impress your lady love, a well adorned fruit basket with a special hand written note expressing your undying love would go a long way in creating a bond of love for life.

Simple Gift Ideas for Christmas


The idea of giving gifts during Christmas started with the three wise men that carried gifts when they went to see baby Jesus. Today, all over the world, people exchange gifts during the time of Christmas. Selecting and buying gifts can become a time consuming and stressful affair if you do not plan well. You might have to buy a number of gifts not only for your close family, but also for a large number of friends, colleagues and extended family. Start planning ahead and buy gifts in advance. You will not be able to give gifts to everyone in person. But you can get them delivered to all the people who matter to you even if you can’t make a Christmas visit. Below are eight simple gifting ideas for Christmas.

9_simple gift for christmas (1)

  • Food – Food is always a favourite gift during Christmas. This is one of the gifting ideas that can work well as a last minute gift. All you need is some elegant packing material. You can bake cookies, cakes or whatever you do best and divide it into a number of pouches and pack nicely. It will make a wonderful gift in a gathering bringing a personal feeling to the gift without having to spend a fortune.


  • Gift Baskets – If you are short on time and cannot spend time on making hand-made gifts, you can choose to order gift baskets from online shops. There are many online gift delivery services that specialize in Christmas gift baskets. You will have a choice of chocolate hampers, flowers, dry fruit basket for Christmas, gourmet food baskets, etc. If you want to order online, make sure you order in advance so that the gift reaches the recipient on time.

9_gift basket

  • Charity – Instead of spending money on gifts, you can donate money to a charity on someone’s name and give them the receipt of donation.
  • Chocolates – Chocolates are always welcome in any party. Choose a hamper with a collection of different tastes and flavours.


  • Practical gifts – Instead of gifts that will be used up in a day or two, you can take the route of practicality. Choose gifts that will be used even after the holidays. Lunch boxes for children with their favourite characters or a winter jacket that can be worn into work every day for your partner might be a good gifting idea too.
  • Personalized gifts – It is possible to personalize store bought gifts too. Choose a gift like a photo frame, or a mug and add a photo or message to it and you can get it delivered to the recipient on the required time.

9_personized gift

  • Family gifts – Instead of giving separate gifts for everyone in a family, you can choose gifts, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can buy gift vouchers or tickets to a zoo for a weekend, or book tickets for legoland or similar resorts children enjoy and give it as a gift to the whole family.

9_Family gifts

  • Flowers – Flowers are suitable gifts for all occasions including Christmas. You can pair a bottle of vintage scotch with lovely flower arrangements to impress your hostess at a Christmas party.


Exotic spice and fruit cake recipe


By preparing delicious cakes, it is now possible to send a birthday cake in UK by post easily. recipe is indeed delicious and worth the try.

Ingredients for the cake
• Soft dried apricots pitted Agen prunes, figs, mixed candied peel, and pitted dates (All 75g each).
• Pineapple natural juice that is drained and juice reserved 425g.
• Raisins, natural coloured glace cherries, currants, 75g each
• Orange, finely grated, 1
• Lemon, finely grated, 1
• Ground cinnamon, ¼ tsp
• Grated fresh nutmeg, ¼ tsp
• Vanilla extract, 1 tsp
• Coarsely chopped Brazil nuts, 125g.
• Dark Muscovado sugar, 100g
• Dark rum, 185ml
• Softened butter, 175g
• Molasses sugar, 75g
• Eggs, 3 medium size
• Self raising and plain flour, 175g each.
Ingredients for the Marzipan
• Golden caster sugar, 225g
• Sifted, Golden icing sugar, 225g.
• Ground almonds, 450g
• Eggs, 2 medium size
• Dark rum, 2 tsp
• Marmalade, warm & sieved, 6 tbsp.
For decoration
• Egg whites, 2 large
• Sifted, Golden icing sugars, plus additional for dusting, 500g.
• Liquid glucose, 2 tsp.
• Whole glace fruits, a few cut pieces.
• Fresh bay leaves

Peel and cut pineapple, dates, prunes, figs and apricots into pieces of similar size, like raisins. Place them in saucepan with raisins glace cherries, currants, cinnamon, zest, nutmeg, nuts, vanilla, muscovado sugar (1tbs), rum and reserved pineapple juice. Now heat, simmer gently, uncovered for about 15 minutes. Stir once or twice. Now transfer it to bowl, cool cover with cling film, leave to soak overnight in refrigerator.

Preheat oven 180°C/fan160°C/gas 4. Double line and great 20cm deep round cake tin along with baking paper. Beat butter until soft. Gradually, beat remaining sugar until mixture gets fluffy and light. Beat eggs, one at a time, add spoonful of plain flour with last egg. Then, sift remaining plain flour along with self raising flour, fold to creamed mixture along with soaked fruits.

Spoon mixture to prepared tin; make slight dip in centre with spoon. Bake for about 30 minutes. Lessen oven temperature to 150°C/fan130°C/gas 2, bake for about 3 hours, until it gets firm. Cool in tin and remove. Wrap in foil of double thickness, place in airtight tin, leave for 1 week just before icing.

For making Marzipan, mix together the sugars in big bowl containing almonds. Take small bowl, whisk lightly the rum and eggs, and add to dry ingredients. Mix properly to form paste. Knead until it gets smooth. Place cake on flat plate or board. Brush cake with marmalade all over. Roll out marzipan on icing sugar dusted surface onto a circle that is big enough for covering sides and top of cake. Lift cake and smoothen the sides and top. The edges are to be trimmed neatly. Then leave it overnight for drying.

For icing, beat lightly egg whites in a big bowl. Add icing sugar, some at a time, stir constantly, until it gets stiff icing, which stands in peaks. Then beat in glucose. Utilize palette knife for spreading the icing over cake and give a slight swirl finish. Decorate bay leaves and glace fruit on top, and finally with a ribbon.
There are a wide range of cakes that can be baked for making the birthday special. The Spice and fruit cake recipe is sure to be an instant hit, if all the guidelines given above are followed meticulously and sincerely.

Why fruit baskets?


Exchanging gifts on occasions among people is a tradition that is being followed for a long time. This gift is seen as something special by the receiver and shows how much the sender cares. Fruit baskets in Birmingham UK are regarded to be the most perfect and best of all gift ideas. As a matter of fact, they can be a thoughtful gift that shows the concern for the health of the receiver. These also make exceptional gifts for anyone that can be thought of, for any occasion or reason. However, it is very important to select the fruit baskets only from reliable companies that are known to provide fresh and high quality, organic fruits so that the very purpose of sending the gifts is served. This will also assure the sender that the gift recipient would get the gift basket in top notch condition and can enjoy the components, and also, share it with the others. Hence, the fruit baskets do make ideal gifts for any type of occasion, be it new baby, birthday, sympathy gift, get well soon, or just about anything.

Perfect for an occasion

Gift baskets are indeed quite ideal irrespective of the fact that they are presented as house warming gifts, baby gifts or holiday gifts. The selection of fruit baskets with most reputed sites are versatile and have wonderful collections. Also, they ensure that these baskets are neatly packed, and the ingredients kept fresh and delivered promptly on time to hotels, homes, offices or hospitals, to any place, where the sender wishes to have them delivered. Also, one can find wedding shower gift, Christmas gift baskets, corporate gift baskets, or to acknowledge an important event. The fruit baskets are sure to emerge a winner and bring big smiles on the face of the receiver. Care is to be seen to make sure that these gift packets are packed only at the time of the placing the order so that the contents are fresh.

Ideal gift ideas

With plenty of items available, sometimes making the right selection can be indeed a challenging task. Hence, an ideal gift suited for any occasion would be the fruit basket. They can also be gifted to neighbours, friends, associates, business clients, family, and relatives, or just about anyone.

Easy availability and flexibility

The versatility of gifting fruit baskets to business clients, colleagues or the family can be quite staggering. While considering a wonderful assortment of fruit gift baskets available in the market these days, one can be satisfied they are also present of different budgets, which would make the entire selection process much easier. Also, with plenty of varieties available, it is possible to meet the taste and likings of the receiver, without much difficulty. The entire ordering process takes just a couple of clicks. However, care should be taken to ensure that the online site from where the order is to be placed for the fruit basket needs to be a reputed one and should have raving reviews from its present customers.

Fruit gift basket ideas for every occasion


With growing health concerns, more and more people across the globe have been trying to avoid fatty foods and other items that could prove to be harmful to their health. This is why gifts should be selected in a way that would help the receiver to enjoy and promote good health. This is the reason fruit baskets are considered to be the best and most perfect way for making the receiver to enjoy the gift, when it is presented on any occasion. There are many well known and established online gift sites that do provide fresh fruit baskets delivered next day.25Fruit baskets for all purposes and occasions

Freshly picked organic fruits are indeed a welcome treat for majority of the population and, as a matter of fact, no one can refuse accepting such gifts. Also, fruits are good for the health and ensure that all the vitamins, proteins, and minerals are provided in the body of the person who consumes it so that they can be fresh, strong, and in fit condition. There are a variety of fruits to be selected from like apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, etc. Properly selected different coloured fruits can indeed make a wonderful treat not only to the stomach and health, but also create an interesting visual appearance. It is said that a basket that contains fresh fruits is sure to delight and brighten up the recipient and appreciate the sender for such a thoughtful and health promoting gift. It would be interesting to imagine the face of the recipient when they receive this small surprise and on opening up the delivery box, would find the luscious fruits and other juicy treats inside.

Easy availability

Fruit gift baskets are known to come in all every size, shape, choice and budget, which would make the selection a much easier procedure. No more has the individual to face hassles in making the right selection for a particular occasion. This is because fruits are simply loved by people of all ages, and hence, are a wonderful gift that can be gifted on any occasion. One can also consider sending gifts that comprises of juicy and sweet, fresh oranges, or a basket that has mixed fruit, and related products such as peach cider or peach salsa. Several gift baskets also come along with other treats such as honey and brittle. The truth is that there are about a million occasions for treating the beloved one with fruit gift baskets, however, a few times, it would not only be a wonderful gift, but also a unique and well thought one.

Brightening up the mind and spirit

A properly chosen fruits can enhance the receiver’s spirits and brighten their soul. It is also a wonderful gift for those suffering from some kind of ailments and would require minerals and vitamins in their body to get fit. When coupled with nice flavoured honey, it could add to the tea for getting some soothing comfort. It can also be a wonderful gift when someone moves to another new apartment or house.

Designing the right type of fruit basket


If you feel that gifting a gift basket during an occasion is the easiest way out, then it is not. If you are frequently gifting to your friends and relatives, then, you will soon be out of ideas. Obviously, you cannot gift the same things over and over again. But, no-one can deny that there can be nothing more delightful than a home-made fruit basket. They are also the ideal things to gift when you are both out of ideas, as well as, money. This would be something uncommon yet with a message of love, comfort, and health. The finest and the most luxurious gifts are often not able to promote the message, which a fruit basket offers.


Getting the right basket

One does not need to be perfect while making a fruit basket. What is important is to make a basket which will reflect your persona. So, before buying the right basket, make a list of the fruits which you will like to stack in. They need not be too expensive. Count the number of fruits and estimate the size of the basket you will need. This will help you to get the right basket. Make sure to use up the entire space in the basket, otherwise empty spaces will make the arrangement look poor. A monotone basket will have fruits like oranges, bananas, lemons and tangerines. They are mostly of the same colours and will look good in each other’s company. Also, try to keep the leaves on the fruits to bring that fresh-from-the-trees look.

An apple basket

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That is what we have learnt and so here we are going to apply exactly that. If your friend is feeling under the weather, then, give her a basket full of the best quality apples. Fruits, especially apples, make a great food during ill health. Make sure to purchase the apples from the best places. Put in some colour by packing both green and red apples of all shapes and sizes.

A basket full of berries

That is something that can make a wonderful surprise. Some people have a fascination for berries. They may not necessarily be in love with fruits; they have a soft corner for the popular berries like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and all other berries. So, that solves the problem of gifting. You can collect all these berries in their most fresh state and pack them beautifully for your friend.

What is one is out of ideas?

Have you tried all kinds of fruit baskets and are out of ideas? Then, it is time for fresh fruit basket delivery in UK. There are a lot of such services in UK today, and they offer quality services along with the best quality fruits. They offer timely delivery of the fruits and make sure that their clients are satisfied with their ideas. You just need to mention the type of basket and make the payments. They will take care of the rest.

Creating a delicious fruit basket


fruit_basket_gifts_hampers-xFruit baskets were considered to be popular gifts across the globe for centuries. Fruits are regarded to be good for the health, and people who consume them are known to be fit and healthy. It is this thinking that has prompted most well wishers to present a fruit basket on occasions like birthdays, or convey your sympathy, or send your get well soon wishes, or for any other event. As a matter of fact, fruit baskets do make wonderful gifts, and are sure to be enjoyed by the receiver and people of any age.

About fruit baskets

The fruit basket is actually a basket, which is filled with different types of fruits. These baskets are given traditionally as gifts. Once the fruits are consumed, they also appear great when displayed on the table or countertop. They can also be of great use, and for various purposes. A typical fruit gift basket might contain oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, tangerines, pears, grapefruits, or pineapple. These baskets have been designed as gifts, which would offer the person more than a fruit for tempting the recipient’s palate. The traditional basket could also include a variety of selection, like gourmet crackers, cheeses, summer sausage, nuts, jams, and chocolate.

A great gift idea

The fruit basket delivery is indeed a wonderful gift idea that is indeed ideal for the individuals, who have a tough time trying to find and select the right kind of gift. For some people, finding gifts, especially for friends and family members could prove to be a daunting task. The gift should be as such that it should match the moods, temperament, preferences, and likings of the person. Anything short of that would only let down the giver of the gift. It is always a better way to browse a good online gift site that has hundreds of collection with pictures and details on it. It should also boast of different categories and segments catering to the different requirements of people, so that the right kind of selection can be made.

Ordering fruit baskets

These days, no more the individual has to go out in the sun for purchasing a fruit basket when the same can be done online. There are plenty of reputed online sites that have made selection of gift hampers easy. Also, it is possible for the person to have the gift hamper delivered to the specified address, be it in the same locality, region, or in another country. Moreover, the individual can be rest assured that the gift selected is fresh and of high quality, so that the recipient can enjoy it to the fullest.

Fruit baskets could be sent as get-well gifts, congratulation gifts, thank you gifts, Mother’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, and for other occasions. A well selected fruit basket gift would reflect how the much the sender of the gift cares for the health of the recipient. Most business establishments also prefer to send such gift hampers to vital clients and partners to show their appreciation. These baskets also make great gifts for expressing condolences and comfort.



cherry_berry_fruit_basket-300x300A radiant and glowing skin is desired by all women. Dark circles under the eyes, black spots or wrinkles: all are anathema. Many women rely on cosmetics to combat these problems but the fact is that nature provides many solutions for these problems.

One such solution for skin problems is the unassuming kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruits are beneficial for overall health of the body as well as the skin. It is rich in minerals, vitamin C, vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin C helps fight bacteria and virus and enhances the immune system of the body. Vitamin E has anti -aging benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the heart and bones. Minerals help regulate blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte level in the body.

Kiwis are available throughout the year and are native to Australia and New Zealand. They can be gifted in get well soon fruit baskets.

Kiwi fruit can be used to make amazing face masks that do wonders for the facial skin:

  • Curd and kiwi face mask:  Items are one kiwi and a small bowl of curd. Method is to peel the fruit and sever into small pieces. Mix in curd and blend together for a fine paste. Apply it on face and leave for half an hour. Wash with warm water and enjoy a glowing skin.
  • Kiwi and lemon pack: Contents are a tablespoon of lemon juice and one kiwi. Method is-Peel kiwi and grind to pulp. Now add lemon juice and blend properly. Leave this face pack on the face till dry and wash it away.
  • Kiwi, curd and banana mask: Contents are a ripe banana, one kiwi pulp and a small bowl of curd. Method- peel banana and mash it into pulp. Add curd and kiwi pulp. Blend all three, apply thick paste on face for 30 minutes and wash it away.
  • Kiwi, gram flour and almond mask: Contents- One tablespoon kiwi pulp, 1 tbsp almond powder, and one tbsp.  Gram flour. Method: All three ingredients are great for the skin. Gram flour is a good exfoliate. Mix all three ingredients together to make a fine paste. This mask works well when left for half an hour on face.
  • Kiwi pulp: Plain kiwi fruit pulp is a wonderful face mask by itself. Though the face tingles when this is applied the end result is glowing skin.
  • Avocado with kiwi: Contents- One tablespoon of kiwi pulp, one tablespoon of avocado pulp. Method is to mix together the two pulps to get a soft creamy mixture. Apply on face for 10 minutes and experience the rejuvenation of skin.
  • Egg, olive oil and kiwi face pack: Contents-10 olive oil drops, one yolk of egg, one table spoon of kiwi pulp. Method: Mix all three ingredients in a bowl and blend to form a paste. Apply it on your face to get amazingly glowing skin.
  • Sandalwood and kiwi pack: Contents-Mix a tablespoon of kiwi fruit pulp with a table spoon of sandal powder. This makes a fragrant face pack that nourishes the skin and combats acne.
  • Kiwi and olive oil mask: Contents- One tablespoon kiwi pulp and one table spoon olive oil. Mix the two together for a great face mask. Apply on skin for 15 minutes. Wash it off and maximize benefits by applying toner.
  • Strawberry mask: Contents- Half cucumber, five strawberries and one kiwi fruit. Method: Grind all ingredients together. Apply this paste on the face and it works both a skin nourisher and exfoliator.



healthyliving_fruit_basket-300x300One of the causes of health problems, like obesity and diabetes, is the excess consumption of sugar. But often people are misled to believe that they must avoid fruits in their diet, which are rich in sugar. But many studies have pointed out to substantial health benefits of consuming fruits. Expert nutritionists say fruits should not be a casualty in the war against sugar.

Most experts agree that sugar present in fruits does not have any harmful effect. In fact, consuming fruit is linked to prevention of obesity and other diseases associated with it.  A treasure of anti oxidants and nutrients are found in whole fruits. They have strong cellular scaffolding consisting of fibre, which helps to give us a full feeling and other metabolic advantages

For example, when one bites into an apple, the fibre of the fruit aids in slowing of absorption of fructose- the leading sugar type found in fruits. When cell walls containing fibres remain intact, they are most beneficial. Sugars are closely attached in fruit cells, and it takes a long time for the digestive tract to break down the cells.

Therefore, the movement of sugars into the blood stream is slowed down, and this slow movement minimises the chance of surge in blood sugar. Surges in blood sugar are harmful by increasing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Also, fruit can prevent us from over eating. They help to make us feel fuller. Processed food is digested in the top parts of the intestine. But fruits move more slowly through the digestive tract, energising the satiety hormones present in the lower intestine.

Most experts recommend the consumption of a variety of fruits. The main tip is to consume fruits of different colours as they imply a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. But all experts warn against fruit juice. Juicing has harmful effects. Chewing whole fruits slows down consumption, but juicing fruits alters its physical texture as the fibre content is often lost while filtering.

Dry fruits are another form of fruit- but not as useful. They are packed with sugar and calories all rolled into small packages. But dried fruits are better than fruit juices as they preserve the fruit’s cell structure.

four_seasons_fruitbasket_12-300x300A recent study has revealed that consuming fruits can aid in preventing aortic aneurysms, which is the swelling of the main artery of the body. Aortal swelling can sometimes prove to be fatal. Swedish researchers spent thirteen years for this study conducted on 80,000 people. The group of persons who consumed greater amounts of fruit exhibited a 25% decline in risk of aneurisms and 45% lesser risk of the condition being fatal.

Anti-oxidants in fruits are credited for the lowered risk of aortal problems. Many other studies connect fruit consumption to lower health problems like Cancer and cardio-vascular disease. Fruits rich in potassium like bananas help to control blood pressure and lowers bone loss.

Thus, doctors and experts worldwide are appreciative of the health benefits of consuming fruits. This has increased the popularity of fruit consumption and activities like sending fruit baskets in UK to your near and dear ones.