With each passing year, we lose one more year of our lives and gain more wisdom and experience. It is like yin yang, the balancing equation. The day we are born, we are being celebrated by our parents and loved ones. In addition, each year we celebrate that special day with great zeal and zest. Birthdays are a great way to bring the family members together. To cook special foods and to have the best moments together. Moreover, when it comes to food, no birthday is complete without fruits, and no birthday present is as good as birthday fruit baskets delivered, for the birthday pal.

2_afaf_birthday fruitBirthdays can be celebrated in several ways, depending upon the age group of the person, celebrating his/her birthday. Kids and teen birthdays are usually more colourful and full of fun and games. Like candies filled balloons or candies hidden all around the room behind the sofa cushions or underneath the sofas and chairs. Music chair is being played usually on kids’ birthdays. Special birthday hats and caps are worn by the kids and teens usually. Children blow party horns and snap shots are taken. Special decorations are made, like balloons, confetti showers and colourful lights are displayed. Birthday songs are sung and birthday cake is cut. Other birthday specialities may include a professional hired for entertainment, like a clown or a magician or musician.

Birthdays are celebrated in every culture to commemorate the day on which one is born and the reason to be here in this world. Usually the Birthdays of 16 years old are celebrated as SWEET 16 and of 18 years old are celebrated as YOUNG 18. A special birthday is the day when a person turn the age of their birth date, this birthday is called the GOLDEN BIRTHDAY or THE LUCKY BIRTHDAY. In many cultures, if the birth date is not known, then 1st January is taken to be their birth date and is celebrated on that day from onwards. People born in leap years, i-e on February 29th, are called leap lings and celebrate their birthdays on either March 1st or February 28th in non-leap years.

Occasions of birthdays have been celebrated throughout the history in different times. Egyptians kings used to celebrate the day of coronation as birthdays, because that day marked the rise in status from human to god. Therefore, that day was marked and celebrated as the birthday of the king, since that would have been pharaohs’ birth as GOD. Greeks used to offer moon-shaped cakes to their LUNAR GODESS, to recreate the radiance of the moon and her beauty. Greeks used to light candles on the moon-shaped cake to celebrate their gods and goddesses. Romans were the first civilisation in history who celebrated the birthday of common people and MEN ONLY. In addition, is said that the female birthdays were not celebrated until the 12th century. Christian religion initially thought celebrating birthday as a sin, but around the 4th century, they started to celebrate the birthday of Jesus as the holiday of Christmas. In Chinese tradition, the first birthday of a child is honoured. Germans are the pioneers of the contemporary cake making art. Moreover, with the technological development, and cultural amalgamation, birthdays took the form of celebrations at every level in the social hierarchy.

Birthday celebrations and special arrangements are the best way to compliment the existence of our near and dear ones. A birthday fruit basket delivered with chocolate dipped ornamentally cut fruits is a basket full of love and a unique gift to the special one with special love.