When to offer fruit baskets?


In the last couple of years, baskets of fruit have indeed become a popular option. It is also becoming a trend among people across globe to present one another with colourful variety of fruits to their near and dear ones. They are an excellent alternative to flowers, which can be consumed and enjoyed thoroughly by everyone. These days one can easily find fruit baskets to meet the requirements and tastes of the recipient and impressing them can become much easier. Also, it is an inexpensive option than the other conventional gift baskets available in the market. One can also have it delivered to any place on the specified address and date. All the individual needs to do is to find out a reputed online gift site that has a great selection of fruits and have delivery facilities in the specified region.


Just like any gift basket, one can easily customize the fruit baskets to suit a particular theme, occasion, event, or holiday. The standard fruit basket is known to include the likes of popular fruits such as pears, apples, and oranges. It is also equally possible for the person to have ordered a basket that comprises of much more exotic tropic fruits such as papayas, kiwis, and mangoes.

When are they to be given?

Like mentioned before, one can gift the fruit basket for any occasion or event and it would be regarded to be an appropriate one. A thumb rule is that if the person considers sending flowers, then he can also consider sending some interesting and mouthing watering fruits. Several occasions that would make the gift much special are birthdays, celebration of the arrival of newborn baby, anniversaries, sympathy, get well soon, etc. The fruit baskets simply fit in perfectly.

Great gift

Such baskets are also wonderful especially for those people, who recently have moved into a neighbourhood. Previously, people used to have plenty of time to bake a delicious apple pie, but with less time now, the fruit baskets make a great option. Also, most people do favour fruit baskets since it is a healthy and nutritional option. They are regarded to be much healthier and cleaner and come in a container that does not have to be returned, and also, can find use even the fruits are long gone.

These baskets also make perfect gifts for the beloved one, who is trying to recover from a sickness or is hospitalized for some reason. The fruit baskets are sure to make the sender to stand out rather than the balloons and flowers. As the patient is expected to be on a strict diet, fruits could be the only solution that can be consumed by the person with less medical supervision. It also will help them to get back their energy and strength.

Lastly, these also make great gifts when the individual is not sure as to what to choose for someone on a particular occasion. These are traditionally impersonal gifts, which can be customized to make it personal and to be cherished.

Tips to prepare fresh fruit bouquet


These days, fruit bouquet is considered to be a rage. They are great looking, healthy, and also, affordable. Purchasing fresh fruit bouquet in Nottingham is no more a difficult task, especially with plenty of online sites having launched their own sites from where one can easily book their own choice. Most of the sites are specialized in having a wonderful collection of edible fruit bouquets.

Preparing fresh fruit bouquet

Learning how to prepare fresh fruit bouquet can indeed be rewarding, and also, filled with fun. Homemade edible fruit bouquet can make a huge difference to the recipient and is likely to have a satisfying experience that can also be shared with the others. It is also regarded to be a healthy way to convey the message of how much the person is being loved and his health cared for.
What is required?
• Fresh pineapple
• Fresh honeydew melon and cantaloupe
• Fresh strawberries
• Fresh grapes
• Stainless-steel ridge knife
• Melon ball
• Bamboo skewers
• Kitchen shears
• Sharp knife to cut fruit
• Cutting board
• Cookie cutter
• Floral foam
• Bowl, mug, basket, vase, ceramic pot


Assembling the fruit bouquet

Once all the fruits are neatly cut and prepared, they need to be assembled properly. For this, the individual will require the ‘vase’ floral foam and bamboo skewers for cutting the fruit for preparing the fruit bouquet. Also, some creativity is needed.
• Floral foam is to be placed into the container. Otherwise, iceberg lettuce head can be used as long as the fruit bouquet is not to be unrefrigerated for a long time.
• Bamboo skewers are to be cut into various lengths. It should have a bouquet appearance and the fruits are to be placed at different heights. A better way to place is by putting the short pieces outside and to build higher while approaching to the centre. Before the fruit is being skewered, one should envision as to how the bouquet needs to appear like. Fruit assortment is to be placed on both short and long skewers. The entire idea is derive variety.
• Pineapple flowers are to be placed first. It is to be skewered in the centre and made sure that skewer protrudes 1” to 2” through the pineapple. A preferred melon ball is to be placed on protruding piece, to ensure that pineapple appears like that of a flower and its melon as bud.
• Next, the strawberries are to be skewered. It is to be skewered through the cut side and to have the point facing upwards. It is not to be pushed hard. The skewer can be stopped halfway right through strawberry to get a secure hold.
• The grapes are to be skewered next. Place 5-7 grapes on the skewer. It will appear as if twigs, stems, and greenery.
• Once all the fruits are skewered, it needs to be arranged. The tallest pieces should be built in the centre. The skewers are to be pushed far down into the foam to make them stand straight and to avoid it from flopping on one another.

If preparing at home seems to be an arduous task, one can always order from online stores.

Easter fruit baskets that win hearts


The Good Friday – Easter weekend presents a wonderful opportunity for folks to pack their bags and get back to their home town for a lovely weekend homecoming. There are so many people who love to visit parents and siblings during the Easter holidays to enjoy some fun filled moments with near and dear ones. Getting home also makes it rather mandatory to ferry gifts for loved ones, especially if you have been able to make it for very infrequent trips back home. Gifts always add to the warmth and affection of each occasion and are a great way to express your love for those who matter the most.

2_Easter fruit basketsComing to the topic of gifts, these have the potential of evoking quite extreme reactions from people. There are those who find it very easy to choose out gifts for relatives as contrasted with those who get overwhelmed with the choices available. In either case, gifting Easter fruit baskets make a world for sense for those who want to please others through their gifting prowess. Gifting is an art and those who are able to craft beautiful fruit baskets as Easter gifts can be said to be artists in their own right.

One may think that putting together a fruit basket is a very humdrum and monotonous activity. However, you will be surprised to know that, like every other activity, making a fruit basket can also lend itself to exquisite artistic expression. For one, you need to have a fairly good idea of the fruits that should go into the basket. Fresh fruits, dry fruit and nuts and accompaniments of sweets or chocolates can go towards creating a winsome combo for fruit basket of choice. You can also put in a generous helping of chocolate Easter eggs wrapped in attractive paper and adorned with accoutrements that make the fruit basket a visual treat in addition to the culinary attraction that it is supposed to be.

Organic fruits are all the rage nowadays as people becoming increasingly health conscious. Organic fruits are devoid of harmful preservatives and use of pesticides, hence quite beneficial for health. You can order an assortment of organic fruits as an Easter gift and place it in special willow or wicker baskets to bring a smile onto the face of your loved one. It is possible that the basket would be cherished and preserved long after the fruits have been consumed as a fond memory of your special thoughtfulness.

It is amazing but true that fruit baskets are also an expression of love and care since you go out of your way to handpick and choose out only those fruits that your loved one likes. This shows that you have spent not only money, but also taken the trouble to cater to their specific likes and dislikes. If you are a lover want to impress your lady love, a well adorned fruit basket with a special hand written note expressing your undying love would go a long way in creating a bond of love for life.

Why fruit baskets?


Exchanging gifts on occasions among people is a tradition that is being followed for a long time. This gift is seen as something special by the receiver and shows how much the sender cares. Fruit baskets in Birmingham UK are regarded to be the most perfect and best of all gift ideas. As a matter of fact, they can be a thoughtful gift that shows the concern for the health of the receiver. These also make exceptional gifts for anyone that can be thought of, for any occasion or reason. However, it is very important to select the fruit baskets only from reliable companies that are known to provide fresh and high quality, organic fruits so that the very purpose of sending the gifts is served. This will also assure the sender that the gift recipient would get the gift basket in top notch condition and can enjoy the components, and also, share it with the others. Hence, the fruit baskets do make ideal gifts for any type of occasion, be it new baby, birthday, sympathy gift, get well soon, or just about anything.

Perfect for an occasion

Gift baskets are indeed quite ideal irrespective of the fact that they are presented as house warming gifts, baby gifts or holiday gifts. The selection of fruit baskets with most reputed sites are versatile and have wonderful collections. Also, they ensure that these baskets are neatly packed, and the ingredients kept fresh and delivered promptly on time to hotels, homes, offices or hospitals, to any place, where the sender wishes to have them delivered. Also, one can find wedding shower gift, Christmas gift baskets, corporate gift baskets, or to acknowledge an important event. The fruit baskets are sure to emerge a winner and bring big smiles on the face of the receiver. Care is to be seen to make sure that these gift packets are packed only at the time of the placing the order so that the contents are fresh.

Ideal gift ideas

With plenty of items available, sometimes making the right selection can be indeed a challenging task. Hence, an ideal gift suited for any occasion would be the fruit basket. They can also be gifted to neighbours, friends, associates, business clients, family, and relatives, or just about anyone.

Easy availability and flexibility

The versatility of gifting fruit baskets to business clients, colleagues or the family can be quite staggering. While considering a wonderful assortment of fruit gift baskets available in the market these days, one can be satisfied they are also present of different budgets, which would make the entire selection process much easier. Also, with plenty of varieties available, it is possible to meet the taste and likings of the receiver, without much difficulty. The entire ordering process takes just a couple of clicks. However, care should be taken to ensure that the online site from where the order is to be placed for the fruit basket needs to be a reputed one and should have raving reviews from its present customers.



Do you want to make an eco-friendly gift basket this Easter? It begins with a paper grocery bag that you get free with your groceries from the supermarket. By recycling the grocery bag, one can weave a cute little basket to hold Easter goodies.

What do you need to make these Easter baskets?

nutsandfruitshamper-300x300• Grocery bag made of paper
• Pencil and Ruler
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors
• Clothes’ pins

Steps to make the Easter basket:

• Bring together your supplies.
• Take apart the grocery bag.
• Mark and measure strips which are 1.25 inch wide
• You require 18 strips for the basket and 2 for the braces
• Cut your strips using scissors.
• Glue together 6 strips to create 3 long strips
• Fold all strips except for four pieces set aside for braces in half length so that the bag prints are concealed inside.
• Wrap together the two bag handles to create a basket handle and use hot glue to tack the ends together.
• Glue to the brace six of the shorter folded strips keeping them touching the edges. Repeat the process with another six set.
• Weave together these two sets of strips to form the base of the basket.
• Bring to the centre and make the weave tight. Glue the additional two braces into the folded strips’ loose ends.
• Crease and fold all the weave’s four edges to start the outline of the basket’s shape.
• Cut away all unnecessary brace paper near the edges.
• Use three long strips to weave three rounds of the basket.
• Cut away excessively long strips as you proceed.
• Cut away each strip within the brace. Try to fold it and tuck the ends around the strip of the top row. Cut away outside strips of brace and fold by tuck in the end below the strip of the top row.
premium_fruit_basket-300x300• Release the handle’s tack and weave inside into the basket.
• Use a small square shaped paper to cover the handles inside the basket. Secure square and handle using hot glue.
• Weave together the long strips around the sides.
• Make tight weave utilizing clothes’ pins to hold as you proceed
• Cut the folded strip so that you have just adequate to tuck below top strip.
• Tuck all strips below top side and fold the final strips in the basket.
• Using clothes’ pins trim and secure leaving adequate material to tuck below top.
• Tuck in the final strips and use glue wherever needed for tight finish.
• Use the basket to fill with goodies and gifts that you can enjoy!

The Easter basket is ideal for filling with fresh fruits and fruit delivery in UK. But one can also experiment by filling it with cookies, flowers, toys and even as an organizer for your desk. The best part is that the basket is made from an up cycled, recycled paper grocery bag. You not only make very one happy with all the goodies, but also contribute towards improving the environment.