5 Unique birthday ideas for a teenage girl’s birthday including fruit baskets


To select the right type of gift for a teenage girl is definitely an uphill task. She is full of energy and knows as a matter of fact as to the trends in sync with the modern world. Friends, internet, television reality shows give her the exposure of the current world. Just about in a platter!

A few exclusive ideas to gift a teenage girl

A pampering hamper

Girls love to pamper themselves. Create your own gift basket including bubble baths, body lotions, scrubs, shower gels, shampoos, aromatic scented oils along with a pair of soft bath robes and comfy slippers. The spa kit will be great for her tender as well as delicate skin.Every girl will endorse this lovely gift.

Gift her hobby

Girls can develop great hobbies at quite a tender age. Gifting her a hobby helps nurture herself as a better individual. Plus it brings out the creativity off her. Gifting her with a beautiful hobby is any day better than materialistic gifts. Say for example if she has a flair for creating unique handicraft items gift her a handicraft kit containing floral beads, satin threads, plastic rubber bands, etc.

Else if she is fond of reading books gift her favorite set of comics or Enid Blyton’s story books. The thoughtful gift will be remembered by the young girl forever.

Bringing out the fashionista’s side of her

Girls look to dress up trendy and try various hair styles. Gifting a set of fancy hair clips, glitter beads and cosmetics would be a great idea. Stylish hand-bags, pouches or trendy watches make great gifting ideas too. She can show off the trendy gifts to her friends in style.

A lovely collection of chocolate cookies and a bowl of fruits

How much ever the girl denies she doesn’t eat anything, the fact is that 12 or13 year olds love eating. A gift box of assorted chocolate cookies and muffins will simply be a fantastic gift hamper for the teenage girl. You can also throw packets of tortilla chips into the goodie hamper along with cheesy dips.

If she has a flair for cooking get her an interesting recipe book. For a health freak, juicy and nutritious fruit baskets would be the most heart rendering gifts.


Musical instruments

Girls at this age love to play their hands on musical instruments. Instruments like guitar, violin, mandolin or even a piano make interesting gift ideas. All pretty girls will love to play chords and make mesmerizing music.

When it comes to choosing gifts you need to know a little more about the person. Gifting the right kind of gifts is what makes up the day for the special one. You can secretly make enquiries with the girls’ parents or her friends before you scout to the nearby mall in order to get her a nice gift.

Awesome romantic birthday gift ideas with gift fruit baskets included to the kitty


Birthday gifts cannot be a mundane set of coffee mugs or a bouquet of flowers every time. Gifts definitely need a make-over. If you are gifting your beloved for his or her birthday there are great romantic ideas which you can give a thought over.

Some exclusive and cool ideas for romantic birthday gifts may be:

Romantic date

Gifts always need not be articles or stuff which can be preserved. You can always gift your loved partner with quality time of yours’.Why don’t you organize a grand romantic date for his birthday? Need not be in a posh restaurant. You can organize the foodie event at home itself. Set acandle-lit dinner at the dining table and prepare your partner’s favorite set of dishes. If your culinary skills are not up to the mark, you can order food packets from his favorite restaurant. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Absolutely no doubts about it.

Play soft romantic music in the background and be prettily dressed for the occasion.

Love letter

In the present e-age most of the correspondence with one another takes place through e-mails and SMS’s. But nothing can underestimate the value of personalized hand-written love letters.

You can prepare a journal or a scrap book by including little anecdotes of your being together. The gift is a superb idea to rekindle the lovers’ bond between the two of you. Go for the gift and pour out your exotic feelings you have for the other in style.


A getaway to a lovely holiday destination is the need of the hour for your partner who is swarmed in the midst of hectic work schedules and routine day to day activities. Give him/her a surprise to the favorite holiday destination in style.

A lot of tour agencies organized romantic holiday package. May be you can shop around through the internet as well. Just to check out the most discounted deals in town. The lovely part is you spend quality time with your better half on his/her birthday.

Gift fruit baskets

Gift fruit baskets with chocolate fondue can be a really heart-warming gift to treat your beloved on his birthday. The fruits comprise of strawberries, peaches, dry nuts, roasted almonds and oranges. You can include a chocolate cake or a fruit cake to add to the excitement.


Get a Tattoo done

You can either etch his complete name or just his initials before his birthday. It is a permanent mark of remembrance of his presence in your life. Else it can be a designer dragon which is his favorite symbol. It shows love in the most romantic way possible. The hours of pain you went through in getting his name etched is what the touching factor is all about in this particular gift idea.  So go for the plunge and make his birthday sweeter.


Trendy gifts for your beloved inclusive of an attractive basket of fruits delivery


A woman might apparently say she has everything under the sun. But that doesn’t mean you should not give her an extravagant gift. Be it apparels or accessories, she always wants to add more to the list. And she craves to be in sync with the current trends.

Surprise your mom, sis’ or your darling wife with some of the unique gifts this summer and the same will be remembered forever.

Handbags and clutches

Is your wedding anniversary or your wife’s birthday round the corner? Then handbags are a perfect pick you can go in for. Women prefer hand bags which are neither too small nor too big. The tote bag should be huge enough to fit their day to day accessories. And women simply cannot have enough of them. A smaller variant of a hand-bag is called a clutch. Carrying trendy clutches in sync with the costume you pick is becoming a fashion statement these days.

Basket of yummy and delicious fruits

Create your own exciting variety of a basket of fruits for delivery to your dearest girl-friend. Who is staying in a different part of the town! The assorted fruity pack can contain luscious pomegranates, sublime mix of cherries and strawberries, kiwis, passion fruit and freshly chopped pieces of pine-apple. The fruits can be neatly gifted in gift baskets with a personalized satin ribbon and a note of good wishes before you send one to your beloved. She will simply be touched with your thoughtful gesture.

Trendy Watches

Women go head over heels in love with this accessory. Watches form the top list of favorite gifts for women. You can select watches that either have a metal strap or a leather belt would do. A few women prefer big dials while a lot of ladies prefer a small trendy dial. Sports watches are a big trend among women who have an athletic sense of taste in them. When you want to buy a suitable watch for the lady love of your life, get one after knowing her interest.


You can also go in for gifting multi-purpose watches which display weather, day and month of the year. Gold or silver plated watches are also a trendy buy.

Smart phones and tablets

Women definitely appreciate men who splurge on smart phones or tablets for them. A variety of cheap phones/tablets are available in the market with a different OS (Operating System), android or windows. In case your lady loves music, you can buy a smart phone which can store a lot of music and play your dear one’s loved songs on the device.


Women love to match trendy jewelry with their costumes. Signature rings, styled bangles, ear-studs, bracelets and pearl jewelry are among the favored ones. Some women prefer stylish anklets as well. To enhance their feet in style. You can choose two to three sets of costume jewelry as attractive gifts for your girlfriend.



Edible Fruit Baskets to Celebrate your Happiness


Have you ever celebrated your joyful occasion with as nutritious and juicy as fresh fruits? Having fruits in your menu for any kind of meal makes it energetic and colorful as well. Whether you are having a small family gathering to enjoy the lovely family moments on a long weekend or it is a special celebration of some event or occasion. A basket of fruits will always serve the purpose for a joyful, gorgeous and tempting edible. It is not necessary that you just put a fruit basket as it is on the table as a decoration or attraction for the people, you can always enjoy your fruits in various styles and varieties as you like them to be or can serve your guests to make an everlasting impression.


Fruit Basket Centre Piece

What can make a fruit basket an immaculate centre piece for a meal? Well, fruits are bright, colorful, and fresh and possess attractive nutritious values that can impact any person. Anyone entering the dining room would be drawn towards fruits if they are kept in a beautifully arranged gift basket. Fruits give you a perfect arrangement for your dinner table especially when you are inviting guests for a special meal. Fruits are both healthy and refreshing, thus giving your arrangement a very appealing look. They are also a good replacement for flowers in case you are short of flowers or do not have anything to decorate on your table.

Fruit Baskets for your Special Occasions

Looking to buy gifts for a specific upcoming event but can’t decide? Save your time and money by buying some sumptuous fruits basket and relieve yourself from the hassle of gift selection. They are handy, easy to decide, and above all are safe gifts for anyone.f5 Whether you are going on a formal celebration or it’s just a simple celebration, a basket of fruits containing delectable variety would help you go through it. Nowadays, fruit baskets are the latest trend among gift items and also come in versatile varieties, styles and designs according to the occasions. Following are the occasions on which you can bring an incredible fruit basket:

Thank You, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Baby, Corporate, Anniversary, Get Well Soon, Congratulations and many more such auspicious occasions.

Fruit Baskets for Difficult People

Do you have certain people in your social circle to which you can’t decide what to gift? Well, here is the solution to your worries. Get a basket of fruit for them as this would be the perfect savior for your relationship.

Fruit_basket_decorated_with_flowers_and_ribbonsThis can be a distant relative, your new neighbor, your boss, or a co-worker, and what better way would it be to greet them with a fanciful fruit basket. Thus gifting them a fruit basket is a very thoughtful option as you do not have to worry about their choice since all fruits are lovable and exquisitely tasteful.

Fruits as Gift Delivery

Missing someone close or did not have the opportunity to attend your loved one’s ceremony? How about sending a beautiful arrangement of gift hamper to them as a token of your humble love and prayers for their lifelong happiness? Sometimes it gets difficult to decide what type of gift hamper one should send to the recipient as you are conscious about imposing your choice on them. usAccessories or clothing seldom are the first choice because everybody has their own tastes and style trends. However, one can go with edibles which can be arranged in scintillating gift hampers. There are various kinds of edible hampers available in stores which include Chocolate Hampers, Fruits Hamper, Gourmet Hampers, and many more such fascinating and wholesome treats to delight your loved ones. One can go with a simple and easy choice for a basket of fruits when looking for edibles because of their sweet and zesty flavors and breathtaking variety. All fruits are fabulous and refreshing making your gift look as elegant and unique as any other expensive gift item.

How to buy Cheap Fruit Baskets


A fruit basket is the latest trend in the gifts market and is getting popular day by day for its unique ideas, versatility and affordability. Instead of buying expensive gifts, it is better to wish your loved ones with a gorgeously designed fruit basket to give them a refreshing feel. Fruits are healthy, tasteful and can suit any occasion or person. Hence, sending a fruit basket to your loved one also relieves you from the stress of gift selection. You can easily purchase a commendable fruit hamper online at reasonable rates and also delight your loved ones with such a spectacular gift idea.


Farm-Fresh-Fruit-Basket-300x300Here are a few insights that can help you find cheap fruit baskets for any occasion and get you away from the burden of heavy spending while you are on tight budget.

Market Survey

You can start with a simple window shopping by checking different varieties of fruit baskets available in the market. This will give you an idea as to what type of fruit baskets are available and also give you a price insight. You can check the fruit baskets online or go to the local retail stores yourself to search for customized fruit baskets. If you are checking them online, you can analyze the retailer’s repo through their customer reviews or service ratings. Additionally, doing a market survey would enhance your choice set for buying a glamorous fruit basket for the lovely occasion.

Mode of Occasion

It is important to know the nature of event being celebrated as it would help you make your decision quick. Some ceremonies are very formal like Weddings, Anniversary, Engagements, while others are informal like a Birthday Bash, Family Dinner, Christmas Party, or a Get Well Soon scenario. Therefore, your choice of fruit basket must be in accordance with the ceremony or event.

This is necessary to consider because you do not need to get embarrassed for sending a usual fruit basket on a Wedding Ceremony. It would create an awkward situation for both sender and recipient. Hence, you must assure that you look for the kind of fruit baskets that are suitable for your recipients’ needs.

Use Social Sites for Updates

Social Media is currently the hub to find relevant retailers and online shopping stores. You can easily check out the local retailers offering customary fruit basket presents, by following their social pages on Twitter, Face Book, and Instagram etc. They regularly update their customers and followers on day-to-day basis about the latest product offerings and variety. Also it is easy for you to find cheap fruit baskets as they would be informing their customers about the latest discount offers or other pricing benefits for buying fruit baskets.

Discount & Promotional Offers

Due to hectic competition in the gifts delivery market, many companies and retailers have introduced discount offers on their popular items to attract customers. Now you can get cheap fruit baskets that are both luxurious and of high quality fruits because the retailers are fighting to gain maximum customer base. This tough competition seems fruitful for the customers as they can get distinctive variety of fruits, lavishly assorted in stylish hampers and baskets offered at discounted prices.

All you need to do is keep an eye on your local retailers’ offerings. This can be easily done by joining their fan pages on social media where they regularly update their customers about these offers. Also there are seasonal offers or discount trends for specific occasions, hence you can avail these facilities without emptying your wallet.

So, if you are looking for easy ways to buy cheap fruit baskets for any kind of occasion, then you must follow these simple steps to make a quick and easy purchase decision.

Fruit Baskets By Post Make Great Gifting Options



Not all fruit baskets can be sent across as fresh fruit baskets. The reason being in case orders are procured by the online gift center from areas located in farther parts of the UK, say Chanel islands or Scottish Highlands it takes 3-5 working days for the hamper to reach the customer. Seasonal fruits and a couple of dry fruit packs in attractive hampers make up fruit baskets by post.  A few of the yummy ones are described below


  • Tuttie fruittie fruit basket

 This variant of fruit basket comprises of carefully picked and chosen fruits to delight the recipient. You can gift these hampers to loved and dear ones. The hamper comprises of

  1. Apples
  2. Pears
  3. Banana
  4. Clementine
  5. Plums and Kiwis

Weighing 2.25 kg this hamper is attractively packaged in a beautiful cane basket with a satin ribbon on top. Your loved ones will be too delighted to receive this hamper. When you can personalize your emotions through our range of cards that come along with the hamper, is there anything else you are waiting for?

  • Fruit snack basket

This amazing pack contains fruits to delight one to the heart’s content. The hamper contains a superb mix of fruits like

  1. Red Gala Apples
  2. Pomegranate
  3. Apricots
  4. Pears
  5. Kiwis and
  6. Clementine

This hamper makes a great snack for tea-time. You can also make your dear ones happy by adding a fruit cake or a chocolate sponge cake and add to the fun!

  • Nature’s Hunch Fruit Basket

Gift your friends this assorted fruit baskets. Especially those who love to taste fruits. This hamper has a scintillating pick of fruits like

  1. Granary Smith Apples
  2. Gala Apples
  3. Pears
  4. Grapes
  5. Apricots
  6. Kiwi and
  7. Bananas

Priced at £22 this great hamper is definitely a value for its money. You get them in a beautifully hand- made fruit basket which you can use to store food items for future use. May be popcorn or chocolates can be placed thereon.

  • Tropical Bounty Fruit Basket

This mouth watering hamper is filled with contemporary fresh and juicy fruits to give you healthy and nutritious taste. These fruits symbolize nature’s bounty. Elegantly packed you can gift these on occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, get well soon or similar occasions. The hamper specifically contains

  1. Bananas
  2. Red apples
  3. Pomegranate
  4. Green Apple
  5. Pear
  6. Grapes and
  7. Orange

The personalized card is very much meant to pen down your thoughts. Make the best use of one.

  • Fruit Splash Basket

Sending this extraordinary fruit splash basket to loved ones make their wonderful celebrations much better experience. This thoughtful gift makes for a nutritious as well as a stylish gift. The hamper contains a mix of fruits like

  1. Green Grapes
  2. Clementines
  3. Apricots
  4. Plums
  5. Kiwi
  6. Red and Green Apples
  7. Mango and
  8. Belvoir Raspberry and lemon Cordial


When to offer fruit baskets?


In the last couple of years, baskets of fruit have indeed become a popular option. It is also becoming a trend among people across globe to present one another with colourful variety of fruits to their near and dear ones. They are an excellent alternative to flowers, which can be consumed and enjoyed thoroughly by everyone. These days one can easily find fruit baskets to meet the requirements and tastes of the recipient and impressing them can become much easier. Also, it is an inexpensive option than the other conventional gift baskets available in the market. One can also have it delivered to any place on the specified address and date. All the individual needs to do is to find out a reputed online gift site that has a great selection of fruits and have delivery facilities in the specified region.


Just like any gift basket, one can easily customize the fruit baskets to suit a particular theme, occasion, event, or holiday. The standard fruit basket is known to include the likes of popular fruits such as pears, apples, and oranges. It is also equally possible for the person to have ordered a basket that comprises of much more exotic tropic fruits such as papayas, kiwis, and mangoes.

When are they to be given?

Like mentioned before, one can gift the fruit basket for any occasion or event and it would be regarded to be an appropriate one. A thumb rule is that if the person considers sending flowers, then he can also consider sending some interesting and mouthing watering fruits. Several occasions that would make the gift much special are birthdays, celebration of the arrival of newborn baby, anniversaries, sympathy, get well soon, etc. The fruit baskets simply fit in perfectly.

Great gift

Such baskets are also wonderful especially for those people, who recently have moved into a neighbourhood. Previously, people used to have plenty of time to bake a delicious apple pie, but with less time now, the fruit baskets make a great option. Also, most people do favour fruit baskets since it is a healthy and nutritional option. They are regarded to be much healthier and cleaner and come in a container that does not have to be returned, and also, can find use even the fruits are long gone.

These baskets also make perfect gifts for the beloved one, who is trying to recover from a sickness or is hospitalized for some reason. The fruit baskets are sure to make the sender to stand out rather than the balloons and flowers. As the patient is expected to be on a strict diet, fruits could be the only solution that can be consumed by the person with less medical supervision. It also will help them to get back their energy and strength.

Lastly, these also make great gifts when the individual is not sure as to what to choose for someone on a particular occasion. These are traditionally impersonal gifts, which can be customized to make it personal and to be cherished.

Tips to prepare fresh fruit bouquet


These days, fruit bouquet is considered to be a rage. They are great looking, healthy, and also, affordable. Purchasing fresh fruit bouquet in Nottingham is no more a difficult task, especially with plenty of online sites having launched their own sites from where one can easily book their own choice. Most of the sites are specialized in having a wonderful collection of edible fruit bouquets.

Preparing fresh fruit bouquet

Learning how to prepare fresh fruit bouquet can indeed be rewarding, and also, filled with fun. Homemade edible fruit bouquet can make a huge difference to the recipient and is likely to have a satisfying experience that can also be shared with the others. It is also regarded to be a healthy way to convey the message of how much the person is being loved and his health cared for.
What is required?
• Fresh pineapple
• Fresh honeydew melon and cantaloupe
• Fresh strawberries
• Fresh grapes
• Stainless-steel ridge knife
• Melon ball
• Bamboo skewers
• Kitchen shears
• Sharp knife to cut fruit
• Cutting board
• Cookie cutter
• Floral foam
• Bowl, mug, basket, vase, ceramic pot


Assembling the fruit bouquet

Once all the fruits are neatly cut and prepared, they need to be assembled properly. For this, the individual will require the ‘vase’ floral foam and bamboo skewers for cutting the fruit for preparing the fruit bouquet. Also, some creativity is needed.
• Floral foam is to be placed into the container. Otherwise, iceberg lettuce head can be used as long as the fruit bouquet is not to be unrefrigerated for a long time.
• Bamboo skewers are to be cut into various lengths. It should have a bouquet appearance and the fruits are to be placed at different heights. A better way to place is by putting the short pieces outside and to build higher while approaching to the centre. Before the fruit is being skewered, one should envision as to how the bouquet needs to appear like. Fruit assortment is to be placed on both short and long skewers. The entire idea is derive variety.
• Pineapple flowers are to be placed first. It is to be skewered in the centre and made sure that skewer protrudes 1” to 2” through the pineapple. A preferred melon ball is to be placed on protruding piece, to ensure that pineapple appears like that of a flower and its melon as bud.
• Next, the strawberries are to be skewered. It is to be skewered through the cut side and to have the point facing upwards. It is not to be pushed hard. The skewer can be stopped halfway right through strawberry to get a secure hold.
• The grapes are to be skewered next. Place 5-7 grapes on the skewer. It will appear as if twigs, stems, and greenery.
• Once all the fruits are skewered, it needs to be arranged. The tallest pieces should be built in the centre. The skewers are to be pushed far down into the foam to make them stand straight and to avoid it from flopping on one another.

If preparing at home seems to be an arduous task, one can always order from online stores.

Why fruit baskets?


Exchanging gifts on occasions among people is a tradition that is being followed for a long time. This gift is seen as something special by the receiver and shows how much the sender cares. Fruit baskets in Birmingham UK are regarded to be the most perfect and best of all gift ideas. As a matter of fact, they can be a thoughtful gift that shows the concern for the health of the receiver. These also make exceptional gifts for anyone that can be thought of, for any occasion or reason. However, it is very important to select the fruit baskets only from reliable companies that are known to provide fresh and high quality, organic fruits so that the very purpose of sending the gifts is served. This will also assure the sender that the gift recipient would get the gift basket in top notch condition and can enjoy the components, and also, share it with the others. Hence, the fruit baskets do make ideal gifts for any type of occasion, be it new baby, birthday, sympathy gift, get well soon, or just about anything.

Perfect for an occasion

Gift baskets are indeed quite ideal irrespective of the fact that they are presented as house warming gifts, baby gifts or holiday gifts. The selection of fruit baskets with most reputed sites are versatile and have wonderful collections. Also, they ensure that these baskets are neatly packed, and the ingredients kept fresh and delivered promptly on time to hotels, homes, offices or hospitals, to any place, where the sender wishes to have them delivered. Also, one can find wedding shower gift, Christmas gift baskets, corporate gift baskets, or to acknowledge an important event. The fruit baskets are sure to emerge a winner and bring big smiles on the face of the receiver. Care is to be seen to make sure that these gift packets are packed only at the time of the placing the order so that the contents are fresh.

Ideal gift ideas

With plenty of items available, sometimes making the right selection can be indeed a challenging task. Hence, an ideal gift suited for any occasion would be the fruit basket. They can also be gifted to neighbours, friends, associates, business clients, family, and relatives, or just about anyone.

Easy availability and flexibility

The versatility of gifting fruit baskets to business clients, colleagues or the family can be quite staggering. While considering a wonderful assortment of fruit gift baskets available in the market these days, one can be satisfied they are also present of different budgets, which would make the entire selection process much easier. Also, with plenty of varieties available, it is possible to meet the taste and likings of the receiver, without much difficulty. The entire ordering process takes just a couple of clicks. However, care should be taken to ensure that the online site from where the order is to be placed for the fruit basket needs to be a reputed one and should have raving reviews from its present customers.

Designing the right type of fruit basket


If you feel that gifting a gift basket during an occasion is the easiest way out, then it is not. If you are frequently gifting to your friends and relatives, then, you will soon be out of ideas. Obviously, you cannot gift the same things over and over again. But, no-one can deny that there can be nothing more delightful than a home-made fruit basket. They are also the ideal things to gift when you are both out of ideas, as well as, money. This would be something uncommon yet with a message of love, comfort, and health. The finest and the most luxurious gifts are often not able to promote the message, which a fruit basket offers.


Getting the right basket

One does not need to be perfect while making a fruit basket. What is important is to make a basket which will reflect your persona. So, before buying the right basket, make a list of the fruits which you will like to stack in. They need not be too expensive. Count the number of fruits and estimate the size of the basket you will need. This will help you to get the right basket. Make sure to use up the entire space in the basket, otherwise empty spaces will make the arrangement look poor. A monotone basket will have fruits like oranges, bananas, lemons and tangerines. They are mostly of the same colours and will look good in each other’s company. Also, try to keep the leaves on the fruits to bring that fresh-from-the-trees look.

An apple basket

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That is what we have learnt and so here we are going to apply exactly that. If your friend is feeling under the weather, then, give her a basket full of the best quality apples. Fruits, especially apples, make a great food during ill health. Make sure to purchase the apples from the best places. Put in some colour by packing both green and red apples of all shapes and sizes.

A basket full of berries

That is something that can make a wonderful surprise. Some people have a fascination for berries. They may not necessarily be in love with fruits; they have a soft corner for the popular berries like strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and all other berries. So, that solves the problem of gifting. You can collect all these berries in their most fresh state and pack them beautifully for your friend.

What is one is out of ideas?

Have you tried all kinds of fruit baskets and are out of ideas? Then, it is time for fresh fruit basket delivery in UK. There are a lot of such services in UK today, and they offer quality services along with the best quality fruits. They offer timely delivery of the fruits and make sure that their clients are satisfied with their ideas. You just need to mention the type of basket and make the payments. They will take care of the rest.