cherry_berry_fruit_basket-300x300A radiant and glowing skin is desired by all women. Dark circles under the eyes, black spots or wrinkles: all are anathema. Many women rely on cosmetics to combat these problems but the fact is that nature provides many solutions for these problems.

One such solution for skin problems is the unassuming kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruits are beneficial for overall health of the body as well as the skin. It is rich in minerals, vitamin C, vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin C helps fight bacteria and virus and enhances the immune system of the body. Vitamin E has anti -aging benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the heart and bones. Minerals help regulate blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte level in the body.

Kiwis are available throughout the year and are native to Australia and New Zealand. They can be gifted in get well soon fruit baskets.

Kiwi fruit can be used to make amazing face masks that do wonders for the facial skin:

  • Curd and kiwi face mask:  Items are one kiwi and a small bowl of curd. Method is to peel the fruit and sever into small pieces. Mix in curd and blend together for a fine paste. Apply it on face and leave for half an hour. Wash with warm water and enjoy a glowing skin.
  • Kiwi and lemon pack: Contents are a tablespoon of lemon juice and one kiwi. Method is-Peel kiwi and grind to pulp. Now add lemon juice and blend properly. Leave this face pack on the face till dry and wash it away.
  • Kiwi, curd and banana mask: Contents are a ripe banana, one kiwi pulp and a small bowl of curd. Method- peel banana and mash it into pulp. Add curd and kiwi pulp. Blend all three, apply thick paste on face for 30 minutes and wash it away.
  • Kiwi, gram flour and almond mask: Contents- One tablespoon kiwi pulp, 1 tbsp almond powder, and one tbsp.  Gram flour. Method: All three ingredients are great for the skin. Gram flour is a good exfoliate. Mix all three ingredients together to make a fine paste. This mask works well when left for half an hour on face.
  • Kiwi pulp: Plain kiwi fruit pulp is a wonderful face mask by itself. Though the face tingles when this is applied the end result is glowing skin.
  • Avocado with kiwi: Contents- One tablespoon of kiwi pulp, one tablespoon of avocado pulp. Method is to mix together the two pulps to get a soft creamy mixture. Apply on face for 10 minutes and experience the rejuvenation of skin.
  • Egg, olive oil and kiwi face pack: Contents-10 olive oil drops, one yolk of egg, one table spoon of kiwi pulp. Method: Mix all three ingredients in a bowl and blend to form a paste. Apply it on your face to get amazingly glowing skin.
  • Sandalwood and kiwi pack: Contents-Mix a tablespoon of kiwi fruit pulp with a table spoon of sandal powder. This makes a fragrant face pack that nourishes the skin and combats acne.
  • Kiwi and olive oil mask: Contents- One tablespoon kiwi pulp and one table spoon olive oil. Mix the two together for a great face mask. Apply on skin for 15 minutes. Wash it off and maximize benefits by applying toner.
  • Strawberry mask: Contents- Half cucumber, five strawberries and one kiwi fruit. Method: Grind all ingredients together. Apply this paste on the face and it works both a skin nourisher and exfoliator.