Eat fruits, lose weight naturally


Obesity is a growing problem in the modern world. Last year, the UK was rated as one of the three countries in Europe – besides Iceland and Malta – with the worst obesity statistics in the region. The sedentary lifestyles that we lead today are much to blame for this, but so are the eating habits of a generation that primarily subsists on junk food. There is, no doubt, that we as a nation need to change our lifestyles if we are to win this fight against the bulge.

2_1_fruit baketExercise of course plays a huge role in weight loss. But just exercise alone will not help; one needs to eat right to lose weight. Food plays an important role in weight loss, and fruits and vegetables are proven fat fighters. Rich in fibres, vitamins and minerals, and equally low in calories, fruits and veggies are a natural way of losing weight – without any side effects.

But not all fruits are the same when it comes to weight loss. Some have a much better effect than the others. Here is a list of the wonder kids of the fruit world which have been known to fight fat effectively:


The old adage about eating apples to ward off a doctor’s visit is factually true as well. Apples are called ‘super fruits’ because they are extremely high in fibres, while being extremely low in sugars and calories. They are also full of immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals, which is an added plus. So, eat those granny apples and watch your waistline shrink in a healthy and easy manner.

55_fruit basket1 (1)Pears:

Pears are known for their potassium content. They are also low in cholesterol so they are very healthy for your heart. High in fibre content, these delicious fruits are effective calorie busters. They fill you up for a long time due to their fibre content, which is way more than many other fruits.


Ever watch those tennis players at Wimbledon gobble their bananas during a break? These tropical fruits are rich in potassium and carbohydrates and are an amazing source of energy which is why athletes love them! Eat a banana before you head to the gym – it will keep you energized and will help you workout better. Or drink a banana shake post exercise and keep the hunger pangs at bay for long.


The fact that there is a weight-loss diet revolving around berries should tell you all you need to know about their fat-fighting properties. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and can fight many health problems such as insulin-resistance, hypertension, cholesterol and more. This tiny berry has a whole lot of goodness packed inside it, so make sure you add some berries to your list when you order for a fruit basket delivery in UK.


Grapefruits actually work in combating fat; whether you decide to eat it all day long, the grapefruit diet is up to you (we would say no to that) but even a day is enough to help your weight-loss program. With just 37 calories per fruit, grapefruits are an ideal addition to any fruit spread.

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