It’s gifting time, with care


All popular ads feature robust, rosy-cheeked youths prancing about in snow or enjoying a warming mug of ale at the local joint. We are all fond of surrounding ourselves with such scenes of vitality and youth. But this festive season, spare a thought for those who may not be blessed with the best of health but have a spirit as lively as a 10 year olds. If you are going to choose Christmas fruit baskets for your aged or ailing friends or relatives, then you not only let them feel the joys of the festival period, but you also give them a gift of improved health. Here are some of the fruits (and even some vegetables) that you could consider adding to the basket:

10_chhristma sfruit basket

  • Apples – A must-have for people of all sizes, ages, genders and shapes, these miraculous fruits are available almost throughout the year and are especially tart and juicy during the winter season. They are also veritable powerhouses in terms of nutrients.
  • Bananas – These cheerful-looking fruits are great for most people, even those who are diabetic. Excellent fruits that help in easy digestion, these fruits are also known to prove energy instantly and also reduce stress levels on steady consumption, thanks to its rich content of potassium and fibre.
  • Kiwis – These delicate, pale green beauties are favourites amongst women too. They are great antioxidants and have a unique, fresh flavour that leaves you with a pleasant taste in the mouth but does not leave you heavy in the stomach.
  • Oranges – The colourful kings of the citrus family, these beauties can enchant people with the colour and aroma apart from its zesty, fresh flavour. Orange squashes or juices are also quite popular. But these rich sources of vitamins are best eaten raw so that none of its nutrients are wasted in the juice or squash-making process.
  • Peaches –These fuzzy nectarines are great sources of flavour and colour. Surprisingly, many people also enjoy its soft, fleshy texture that enhances the experience of tasting this delicious fruit. This is also a rich source of vitamins, calcium and phosphorus and is a popular after-dinner dessert too. Peaches are also used to make products that add flavour to desserts.
  • Watermelons – These rich, green fruits on the inside with shocking red flesh inside are very popular amongst the old and the young. The flesh is mostly water but the taste is as fresh throughout as it is in other fibrous fruits. Enjoy this delicious fruit cut into pieces in a fruit bowl or sprinkle a dash of pepper on it long slices and eat it just like that!
  • Berries – Strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries – take any of them and you’ve got yourself a treat. Easy to chew and great mixed with fruit salads or as toppings on desserts, berries are also rich sources of nutrients and antioxidants. They also have nutrients that increase the healing capability of the body and are tasty sources of energy.

While most of these can be eaten by any normal person, these have special relevance to the old and the ill people who need their nutrients more than taste. So this time, gift healthy!

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