Creating a delicious fruit basket


fruit_basket_gifts_hampers-xFruit baskets were considered to be popular gifts across the globe for centuries. Fruits are regarded to be good for the health, and people who consume them are known to be fit and healthy. It is this thinking that has prompted most well wishers to present a fruit basket on occasions like birthdays, or convey your sympathy, or send your get well soon wishes, or for any other event. As a matter of fact, fruit baskets do make wonderful gifts, and are sure to be enjoyed by the receiver and people of any age.

About fruit baskets

The fruit basket is actually a basket, which is filled with different types of fruits. These baskets are given traditionally as gifts. Once the fruits are consumed, they also appear great when displayed on the table or countertop. They can also be of great use, and for various purposes. A typical fruit gift basket might contain oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, tangerines, pears, grapefruits, or pineapple. These baskets have been designed as gifts, which would offer the person more than a fruit for tempting the recipient’s palate. The traditional basket could also include a variety of selection, like gourmet crackers, cheeses, summer sausage, nuts, jams, and chocolate.

A great gift idea

The fruit basket delivery is indeed a wonderful gift idea that is indeed ideal for the individuals, who have a tough time trying to find and select the right kind of gift. For some people, finding gifts, especially for friends and family members could prove to be a daunting task. The gift should be as such that it should match the moods, temperament, preferences, and likings of the person. Anything short of that would only let down the giver of the gift. It is always a better way to browse a good online gift site that has hundreds of collection with pictures and details on it. It should also boast of different categories and segments catering to the different requirements of people, so that the right kind of selection can be made.

Ordering fruit baskets

These days, no more the individual has to go out in the sun for purchasing a fruit basket when the same can be done online. There are plenty of reputed online sites that have made selection of gift hampers easy. Also, it is possible for the person to have the gift hamper delivered to the specified address, be it in the same locality, region, or in another country. Moreover, the individual can be rest assured that the gift selected is fresh and of high quality, so that the recipient can enjoy it to the fullest.

Fruit baskets could be sent as get-well gifts, congratulation gifts, thank you gifts, Mother’s day gifts, Christmas gifts, and for other occasions. A well selected fruit basket gift would reflect how the much the sender of the gift cares for the health of the recipient. Most business establishments also prefer to send such gift hampers to vital clients and partners to show their appreciation. These baskets also make great gifts for expressing condolences and comfort.



cherry_berry_fruit_basket-300x300A radiant and glowing skin is desired by all women. Dark circles under the eyes, black spots or wrinkles: all are anathema. Many women rely on cosmetics to combat these problems but the fact is that nature provides many solutions for these problems.

One such solution for skin problems is the unassuming kiwi fruit. Kiwi fruits are beneficial for overall health of the body as well as the skin. It is rich in minerals, vitamin C, vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin C helps fight bacteria and virus and enhances the immune system of the body. Vitamin E has anti -aging benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for the heart and bones. Minerals help regulate blood pressure, fluid and electrolyte level in the body.

Kiwis are available throughout the year and are native to Australia and New Zealand. They can be gifted in get well soon fruit baskets.

Kiwi fruit can be used to make amazing face masks that do wonders for the facial skin:

  • Curd and kiwi face mask:  Items are one kiwi and a small bowl of curd. Method is to peel the fruit and sever into small pieces. Mix in curd and blend together for a fine paste. Apply it on face and leave for half an hour. Wash with warm water and enjoy a glowing skin.
  • Kiwi and lemon pack: Contents are a tablespoon of lemon juice and one kiwi. Method is-Peel kiwi and grind to pulp. Now add lemon juice and blend properly. Leave this face pack on the face till dry and wash it away.
  • Kiwi, curd and banana mask: Contents are a ripe banana, one kiwi pulp and a small bowl of curd. Method- peel banana and mash it into pulp. Add curd and kiwi pulp. Blend all three, apply thick paste on face for 30 minutes and wash it away.
  • Kiwi, gram flour and almond mask: Contents- One tablespoon kiwi pulp, 1 tbsp almond powder, and one tbsp.  Gram flour. Method: All three ingredients are great for the skin. Gram flour is a good exfoliate. Mix all three ingredients together to make a fine paste. This mask works well when left for half an hour on face.
  • Kiwi pulp: Plain kiwi fruit pulp is a wonderful face mask by itself. Though the face tingles when this is applied the end result is glowing skin.
  • Avocado with kiwi: Contents- One tablespoon of kiwi pulp, one tablespoon of avocado pulp. Method is to mix together the two pulps to get a soft creamy mixture. Apply on face for 10 minutes and experience the rejuvenation of skin.
  • Egg, olive oil and kiwi face pack: Contents-10 olive oil drops, one yolk of egg, one table spoon of kiwi pulp. Method: Mix all three ingredients in a bowl and blend to form a paste. Apply it on your face to get amazingly glowing skin.
  • Sandalwood and kiwi pack: Contents-Mix a tablespoon of kiwi fruit pulp with a table spoon of sandal powder. This makes a fragrant face pack that nourishes the skin and combats acne.
  • Kiwi and olive oil mask: Contents- One tablespoon kiwi pulp and one table spoon olive oil. Mix the two together for a great face mask. Apply on skin for 15 minutes. Wash it off and maximize benefits by applying toner.
  • Strawberry mask: Contents- Half cucumber, five strawberries and one kiwi fruit. Method: Grind all ingredients together. Apply this paste on the face and it works both a skin nourisher and exfoliator.



healthyliving_fruit_basket-300x300One of the causes of health problems, like obesity and diabetes, is the excess consumption of sugar. But often people are misled to believe that they must avoid fruits in their diet, which are rich in sugar. But many studies have pointed out to substantial health benefits of consuming fruits. Expert nutritionists say fruits should not be a casualty in the war against sugar.

Most experts agree that sugar present in fruits does not have any harmful effect. In fact, consuming fruit is linked to prevention of obesity and other diseases associated with it.  A treasure of anti oxidants and nutrients are found in whole fruits. They have strong cellular scaffolding consisting of fibre, which helps to give us a full feeling and other metabolic advantages

For example, when one bites into an apple, the fibre of the fruit aids in slowing of absorption of fructose- the leading sugar type found in fruits. When cell walls containing fibres remain intact, they are most beneficial. Sugars are closely attached in fruit cells, and it takes a long time for the digestive tract to break down the cells.

Therefore, the movement of sugars into the blood stream is slowed down, and this slow movement minimises the chance of surge in blood sugar. Surges in blood sugar are harmful by increasing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Also, fruit can prevent us from over eating. They help to make us feel fuller. Processed food is digested in the top parts of the intestine. But fruits move more slowly through the digestive tract, energising the satiety hormones present in the lower intestine.

Most experts recommend the consumption of a variety of fruits. The main tip is to consume fruits of different colours as they imply a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. But all experts warn against fruit juice. Juicing has harmful effects. Chewing whole fruits slows down consumption, but juicing fruits alters its physical texture as the fibre content is often lost while filtering.

Dry fruits are another form of fruit- but not as useful. They are packed with sugar and calories all rolled into small packages. But dried fruits are better than fruit juices as they preserve the fruit’s cell structure.

four_seasons_fruitbasket_12-300x300A recent study has revealed that consuming fruits can aid in preventing aortic aneurysms, which is the swelling of the main artery of the body. Aortal swelling can sometimes prove to be fatal. Swedish researchers spent thirteen years for this study conducted on 80,000 people. The group of persons who consumed greater amounts of fruit exhibited a 25% decline in risk of aneurisms and 45% lesser risk of the condition being fatal.

Anti-oxidants in fruits are credited for the lowered risk of aortal problems. Many other studies connect fruit consumption to lower health problems like Cancer and cardio-vascular disease. Fruits rich in potassium like bananas help to control blood pressure and lowers bone loss.

Thus, doctors and experts worldwide are appreciative of the health benefits of consuming fruits. This has increased the popularity of fruit consumption and activities like sending fruit baskets in UK to your near and dear ones.



Do you want to make an eco-friendly gift basket this Easter? It begins with a paper grocery bag that you get free with your groceries from the supermarket. By recycling the grocery bag, one can weave a cute little basket to hold Easter goodies.

What do you need to make these Easter baskets?

nutsandfruitshamper-300x300• Grocery bag made of paper
• Pencil and Ruler
• Hot glue gun
• Scissors
• Clothes’ pins

Steps to make the Easter basket:

• Bring together your supplies.
• Take apart the grocery bag.
• Mark and measure strips which are 1.25 inch wide
• You require 18 strips for the basket and 2 for the braces
• Cut your strips using scissors.
• Glue together 6 strips to create 3 long strips
• Fold all strips except for four pieces set aside for braces in half length so that the bag prints are concealed inside.
• Wrap together the two bag handles to create a basket handle and use hot glue to tack the ends together.
• Glue to the brace six of the shorter folded strips keeping them touching the edges. Repeat the process with another six set.
• Weave together these two sets of strips to form the base of the basket.
• Bring to the centre and make the weave tight. Glue the additional two braces into the folded strips’ loose ends.
• Crease and fold all the weave’s four edges to start the outline of the basket’s shape.
• Cut away all unnecessary brace paper near the edges.
• Use three long strips to weave three rounds of the basket.
• Cut away excessively long strips as you proceed.
• Cut away each strip within the brace. Try to fold it and tuck the ends around the strip of the top row. Cut away outside strips of brace and fold by tuck in the end below the strip of the top row.
premium_fruit_basket-300x300• Release the handle’s tack and weave inside into the basket.
• Use a small square shaped paper to cover the handles inside the basket. Secure square and handle using hot glue.
• Weave together the long strips around the sides.
• Make tight weave utilizing clothes’ pins to hold as you proceed
• Cut the folded strip so that you have just adequate to tuck below top strip.
• Tuck all strips below top side and fold the final strips in the basket.
• Using clothes’ pins trim and secure leaving adequate material to tuck below top.
• Tuck in the final strips and use glue wherever needed for tight finish.
• Use the basket to fill with goodies and gifts that you can enjoy!

The Easter basket is ideal for filling with fresh fruits and fruit delivery in UK. But one can also experiment by filling it with cookies, flowers, toys and even as an organizer for your desk. The best part is that the basket is made from an up cycled, recycled paper grocery bag. You not only make very one happy with all the goodies, but also contribute towards improving the environment.



Tired of oranges and apples? Do you want to taste or gift exotic fruits from around the globe? Here, is a list of unusual fruits derived from different parts of the planet, but now available in special shops domestically and markets in foreign countries:

fruits•             The Kiwano: With a spiky exterior, this yellow fruit has earned the nickname- the African horned Cucumber or Horned Melon. It is found in the African desert of Kalahari and tastes like a blend of lemon, banana, cucumber and kiwi.

•             Physalis: It is similar to a gooseberry and develops inside a papery, long husk. It is related to the tomato, strangely enough. It has the same acidic flavour of a tomato and can be used for the same purposes like in salads.

•             Cherimoya: Tasting like a blend of strawberry, pineapple and banana, it has a sweet and sour taste. But its seeds are poisonous and consuming its bark can cause paralysis, so despite the unique flavour, many prefer to give this fruit a miss.

•             Synsepalum Dulcificum: This fruit is also nicknamed Miracle fruit. Wondering why? To begin with this fruit helps sour taste sweet. For example, if you eat these berries before you eat a lemon, the lemon will taste sweet.

•             Custard Apple: It is also called as ‘bulls heart” and is famous for its medicinal properties. Native fruit of Africa, it is now grown across the Americas.

•             Pitaya : Also called as Dragon fruit it has bright pink skin and white flesh inside and is noted for its unusual color and laxative properties.

•             Durian: Known as “King of fruits”, one may be repelled by its spiky shell and the strange smell of its flesh, but it tastes divine like almonds.

•             Carambola or Star fruit:  Noted for the star shape of its cross section, this fruit grows in tropics and has a tasty flavour, which is a blend of papaya, grapefruit and oranges.

•             Rambutan: Popular garden fruit in Asia, it resembles a Pom Pom. Flesh is pink or white, translucent and has a sweet taste. Each fruit contains a crunchy, soft seed that is poisonous when consumed raw.

•             Ugly fruit: Because of its appearance, the fruit has earned the nickname of Ugly. It is native of Jamaica. Having a citrusy, sweet flavour, it is available in markets worldwide.

•             Squared watermelon: These are watermelons grown in square containers, so they end up as square shaped fruit than the natural circular shape. Has the same taste but is more expensive.

•             Pomegranate: More common exotic fruit, it is sour, delicious and highly medicinal in content.

•             Ackee: It is the national fruit of Jamaica. Imported from West Africa, it is now an integral part of Caribbean cuisine. Only the fleshy, yellow, inner arils are edible. The red bits at the centre are poisonous.

•             Mango Steen: Also called Mangkut. It is the queen of fruits in Thailand with purple cover and soft white flesh inside covering seeds. This delicious fruit is found all over south East Asia especially Thailand.

•             Buddha’s hand: It is strange looking citrus fruit that has tapering yellow fingers joined to a base. Its lemony rind and pith are valued for its citrus taste.

westend-300x300•             Urucu: Grown copiously in the Amazon, it is a source of the pigment Annatto.

•             Screw pine: Fruit used for everything from food to dyes.

•             Atemoya: It is a hybrid fruit made of Cherimoya and apples. Tastes like Pina Colada spiked with Vanilla.

•             Snakeskin fruit: Name is due to appearance. Once the skin is off, fruit resembles garlic. Taste is a blend of acidic and sweet.

For gifting unusual fruits to near and dear ones, you can create or order fruit hampers containing a combination of any of these exotic fruits.

How to make a successful Halloween party?


Fruit CakeHalloween is for all, but the kids are the ones who enjoy the most. With Halloween parties everywhere, it is a challenge to turn up with a fun and enjoyable package of snacks and gifts, which will excite the kids. Sugar filled treats and snacks are being prepared everywhere, and fruits will surely be the dominant element in it. People all over the world come with fun jack-o-lantern faces and ghosts and spirits engraved on fruit, to make them look fun and innovative. So here we present some fun fruit ideas for Halloween party.

Apple treat fruity fun snack

This is a recipe that mummy can surely try in this Halloween – mouth-spaced apple slice with studded almond pieces in them to make it look like teeth. This is a great idea, which is quite easy and yet fun. Keeping the spooky factor alive, children would surely love to have a bite in their apple treat.

Frankenstein and his bride

Using a few apples and grapes, to give shape to Frankenstein’s and his bride’s face. Innovation has never been this good. Cute looking apple faces with studded grapes in them, creating an uncanny resemblance to the monsters, will surely a hit with kids.

fruit basket

Spooky ghost strawberries

Strawberries dipped with milk or dark chocolate, to bring in the appearance of Halloween ghosts is another of the wonders. Easy to make and great to eat, kids will surely have fun in eating up these delicious ‘ghosts’.

Special fruit-o-lantern

A jack-o-lantern carved in an orange gave birth to Fruit-o-lantern. Making quite a fruit box with this snack, it has some fruits stuffed within the orange’s body. This is a personal Halloween favorite for obvious reasons.

Pumpkin mandarins and ghost bananas

A bowl of Halloween fruits with bananas looking like ghosts and oranges like pumpkins! A refreshing new thought and a highly-loved one!

Special gifts for Halloween

What can be better than gifts fruit baskets to your friends and relatives, with these popular fruit snack recipes? Replete with the look and feel of Halloween ghosts, these fruits can surely light up one’s mood. There are several online shops, which provide the facilities to deliver these Halloween baskets full of nice themes, to your relatives place, for a great start to Halloween. These fruit snacks are quite easy to make, and one can surely prepare them at home for an enjoyable party. These frightening fruit boxes have attracted many and special orders are often given for these packages. Fresh fruits, chocolates, milk, butter and all healthy food are packed within these baskets and make them an appropriate gift for friends and relatives. Several recipes for more such fun snacks can be found all over the web, which are tasty, healthy and low on the calorie count. Therefore, one neither needs to start hitting the gym nor taking an appointment with the dentist after these sweet delicacies. Fruits and sweets trigger a fun and positive start to the coming year and make the Halloween party super successful, by their look, feel and taste!

Why this summer you should deliver a gift basket?


There are several occasions for which one can send a gift basket to our relatives and friends. They can be a thank you, or a get well soon, congratulations or simply sympathy. In fact, fruit baskets are one of the top gift baskets as they are the best way to wish health and happiness to a person. They are perfect for all reasons and seasons and can appeal to the tastes of all. They are tasteful and nutritious.

 Why are fruit baskets the perfect gift?

Gifts can be many and varied, but somehow fruit baskets have a very different appeal about them. Why and for what other reasons do one like to choose fruit baskets above all other gifts. The first case is that often people send fruit baskets filled with fresh and nourishing fruit as a package while packing for a vacation. It surely is the best thing to carry when one is leaving for a vacation, and it is surely the best way for others to say ‘to have a safe journey’. Thus, whether the journey is short or long, there would always be a perfect supply of fresh fruits, and thus, hassles to finding a food store can be avoided.


Earn brownie points with people

Did you ever think about the person working behind the front desk of your doctor’s office? Well, then, think of it. Sending a fruit basket to him/her can instantly better communication and relationship with this staff, which can come to your help during emergencies and health problems. It is also one of the greatest ways of showing admiration to one’s colleague or business partner, for their work. This improves the rapport and many referrals can come up in the future, due to these present endeavours.

Useful in strengthening family ties

Getting a fruit basket delivered to your nephew and niece’s place during the summer and wishing them a happy summer camp, can strengthen the bonds. Somehow if they are not really having a very good time there, a great gift basket with some nice edibles and other stuff with a small note inside them can easily light up the mood. Also, daughters and sons busy with summer internships and schools can make the house feel empty and lonely. Maybe they are missing the barbeque party thrown at home. A little basket full of small snacks and sweets can cheer them up amidst their work and study schedule. Also, for the old people staying at the nursing old or old-age homes, require a bit of sweet remembrances of family. Therefore, carrying a fruit basket or a basket packed with goodies can bring them genuine and heart-felt happiness. A little altruism won’t hurt. So, other old people there, who do not have access to home or family, would appreciate your company and a sweet gift of a fruit basket. This would definitely cheer them up and make their day. Therefore, the pleasure of giving enhances, once we start doing stuff like these. So, go ahead and get a fruit basket delivered to a loved one’s place!

Fruit basket- A nice father’s day gift to express your love


Exchange of gift has been a tradition for human beings for a long time. It is the way of giving and receiving blessings, and love to your loved ones. Most of people find it difficult to choose a father’s day gift. It is good to discover some original and exclusive ideas for a nice Father’s day gift.healthyliving_fruit_basket-300x300Fruit baskets- a perfect gift

If you are looking for something exclusive to gift your father on father’s day this year, then, you should consider a nice fruit basket full of delicious, fresh and organic fruits along with some other treat to his taste buds. You can get a lot of options for father’s day gift baskets that are packed with delicious treats and some other stuff. Although you can get nice father’s day gift baskets at your neighbourhood stores, yet it is advisable that you search the online store for a better shopping experience. There are numerous online gift stores that offer nice variants of different father’s day gift baskets.

More than just fruits

While many people can think of gift baskets as just some wickers filled with fruits, but that is not totally true. A gift basket can be filled with a variety of other stuffs that are sure to be appreciated by your dad. Apart from fresh and organic fruits, you can choose to put some chocolate boxes in the basket to make it even more delicious. You can also put some of the utility gadgets that are useful for your father, for example, a Philips shaver kit will be a great idea to surprise your father. We all know that the chocolate and wine make a great pair. You can consider placing a bottle of a nice wine or champagne that will add a lot of taste and value to your gift.

Elegant appearance

When you are shopping at online gift stores, you can expect a great appearance to your gift basket. They have a wide range of designs available for fruit baskets. The professionals at the stores can suggest you various ideas to make your gift look more classy and beautiful. They can also provide you assistance and make alteration according to your needs. You can add a message card with a special message for your dad that expresses your feelings for him.  Apart from that, you can add a bunch of fresh flowers along with your gift basket so that it is not only a delicious treat, but also delight for his eyes.

Why online?

The main benefit of shopping online is that you get a lot of variety at ease. You can choose the best one from the options available online. The prices offered by the online stores are very reasonable and lower than the offline gift stores. Also, the online gift stores get your fruit basket delivered very easily. It is important that your fruit basket is delivered on time for the sake of freshness of the fruits. You can also get your gift baskets delivered overseas.

With elegant fruit baskets online, you get the best idea to express your love to your father on father’s day.

Gift your loved ones health in form of fruit baskets



From centuries, we have been exchanging gifts as a traditional way of expressing love and care. Everybody loves to receive gifts. If we love our dear ones, then, we should gift something healthy to them. Fruit baskets are one of the best and healthiest gifts one can give or receive. The fruit baskets are elegant, as well as, classy gift options. You may consider various styles and types of fruit basket that are available in the market.
Numerous online gift stores offer diverse ideas for fresh and organic fruit baskets. You can also choose to design a fruit basket by yourself, but it is very time consuming and complicated. The best option is to buy a nice readymade basket from an online store with minimum efforts.
Where to buy: You can buy an organic fruit basket from both offline and online stores. While offline stores do not have many options to choose from, the online gift shops provide a wide range of fruit baskets to choose from. Apart from competitive prices and wide range of variety, the shopping from online stores requires very less efforts and time.
Things to consider while buying a fruit basket: There are many factors which are to be considered when choosing a fruit basket. The fruits included in the fruit basket must be fresh. There fruits included in the fruit basket must be of different variety. The online gift shops have numerous different variations of fruit baskets such as Hawaiian fruit basket, four season fruit basket etc. You can also find many theme based baskets according to the occasion such as Christmas fruit basket; get well soon fruit baskets, Valentine’s Day fruit baskets and many more. The professionals at the online store can suggest great ideas for the decoration of your fruit basket so that they look more elegant and classy. In order to add beauty to your basket, you can add some chocolate boxes, a teddy bear along with a bunch of beautiful fresh flowers.fruit_basket_gifts_
Delivery of your basket: The greatest concern, when thinking of sending an organic fruit basket to your loved ones at distant places, is to get it delivered. The online stores make sure that you don’t face any trouble in your fruit basket delivery. The online stores provide a global delivery service, which ensures that your fruit basket is delivered at the desired destination in time without any delay or damage to the basket. In order to deliver fresh fruits, they have an option of same day delivery. You can even get your fruit basket delivered overseas easily with online gift stores.
Selecting the best fruit basket for dear ones is very difficult, as the all the options are very nice and beautiful. It is so difficult to choose only one from many. But when you select one, you have a gift for them which will not only make them happy but also healthy.

Fruit Gift Baskets for All Occasions


Fruits are nutritious and healthy food and can be consumed in various styles. Fruit gift baskets are therefore becoming a very popular gift item among people who want to get something unique yet refreshing for their loved ones. Fruits tend to be economical as well as healthy item and are loved by everyone. So getting fruit gift baskets delivered for someone you care will be a very fascinating idea. Fruits gift baskets can be sent on various joyous occasions so it is not limited to only patients anymore which is the common concept among the masses.

Corporate Fruit Baskets

You must be astonished to know that fruit baskets are also getting attention from the corporate sector as well. It is very cordial to send corporate fruit baskets to your colleague or your boss on any special event. Whether it is an official event or any special moment for a colleague such as his/her promotion, corporate fruit baskets always makes a good gift item.

Just Because Fruit Baskets

Thinking about someone special or missing your loved ones on a special day can make you emotional. However it is better to express your feelings through fresh and nutritious fruit baskets delivery. You do not need any occasion or a special moment to send fruit gift baskets but any moment can be made special.

Congratulations Fruit Baskets

Telling someone that you did well with a stupendous gift hamper will make them more proud feel special. So say congratulations with fruit baskets delivered to your loved one to appreciate their efforts. It is customary to send someone gift hamper and applaud their efforts for good performance. Therefore customary fruit gift baskets are available for delivery at various online stores with fabulous deals and offers to get your message across.

These are some of the rare occasions on which you can consider fruit gift baskets as a good option to send to the recipient.