How fruit baskets are making Christmas celebrations even better?


Christmas is a great time of the year to relax and enjoy. Christmas is one of those holidays that just seem to be filled with cheer and wonder. Whether you are celebrating a secular or religious Christmas, your day is sure to be filled with happiness. People started the preparations of Christmas even months before its arrival. It’s strange but true that many people started making plans for the next Christmas just after the end of their Christmas holidays. There is so much fun and fascination attached to these holidays that make people thinking of them the whole year round.

With the name of Christmas comes in mind chocolates, Christmas tree, Christmas cakes and parties. But with all these we should not forget about the delicious Christmas fruits. The Christmas season is a great time of the year which offers so much variety of seasonal fruits. From crunchy apples, juicy oranges, chewy bananas, sweet strawberries, berries and grapes all the fruits have their own importance.

The fresh fruits have been used for centuries for sending gifts on different occasions. But form the few last years there is an increased trend seen with the use of fruit on Christmas. The main reason is the shift in the eating treads. People are now focusing on healthy eating. Here I will tell you some amazing Christmas fruit baskets ideas. These fruit baskets can be used as a gift or you can present it to your guests on Christmas parties.


Fruit Christmas tree:

Take apples, make a hole about the size of the carrot on the top and fix the carrot on it. Now take wooden toothpicks and arrange them in the size of a Christmas tree. Arrange fruits on the toothpicks making a fruit tree as shown in the picture.


Fruit bouquet:

Take a can basket, a big mug or a small box. Place a sponge in it and arrange long wooden sticks on the sponge. Cut the fruit in the shape of flowers, stars and leaves and place them on the sticks making a fruit bouquet.

Fruit Sticks:

Place small pieces of different fruits on the wooden sticks. This makes a great dish to serve to your guests on Christmas.  It’s beautiful to look and refreshing to eat.


Fruit baskets provide a healthy snack on Christmas holidays. Despite focusing on junk food, chocolates and desserts it is wiser to eat fruits. They are sweet, so you won’t feel the craving of any other dessert and they will provide you with superb health benefits.

No doubt Christmas is a time to celebrate, but the celebrations should not be limited to eating unhealthy foods. People who are suffering from different diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, or any other harmful one, it’s a good idea to present them a beautifully decorated fruit basket.  And even for the healthy ones, fruits are a super food to munch on Christmas.

Why fruit hampers make the best gift for any occasion?


Fruits, who don’t know about their immaculate benefits? Surely, we all know very well about fruits, their seasons and their nutritious value. There is also an amazing thing associated with them; you can present them to your loved ones on each and every occasion, like as the birthday gifts, congratulations gifts, Christmas gifts, thank you gifts, etc. In short, these could be the best gift items for any event, on which you want to present an amazing gift item to your friends or family.

FRUIT HAMPERS are such a perfect gift, as they contain a lot of benefits both for the person who is going to present the gift and the one who will receive it.

6__fruit basket

You have to present a gift and you select a fruit hamper then, then this selection of a fruit basket as a gift item will save much of your time as well as your money. This is because,

  • you can easily buy variety of fruits in economical prices
  • you can save your time by simply ordering them on e stores
  • can add the fruits of your choice for  your loved ones
  •  In no time and much less money, you have a perfect gift hamper ready to present.

 You can make it even more attractive if you pay some attention on the overall presentation of the gift. Like, select a beautiful basket and then tie it with a beautiful colored ribbon, this will add much to the overall presentation. There could be another way, carrying the gifts in paper bag having a personal message attached to it in the form of a card is also a very simple and economical way of presenting your gift. You can select it as a gift hamper on any occasion, like on the birthday of your grandparents or parents. Or when you visit your friend’s place for the first time or are invited at his place at the dinner. Fruit hampers or the fruit baskets are also the best gift items when you visit any one on her baby shower or if somebody is not feeling well.

6_fruit hamper

On the other hand, fruit hampers are the perfect gifts for the person who is going to receive them. As they are going to be the part of his routine breakfast, lunch or dinner routine, so there are no chances that your gift is going to the wastage. Fruits are really a nutritious item. They contain in them thousand of useful components like electrolytes, vitamins etc.

So, if you want to present a truly wonderful and spectacular gift to your loved ones, send them a beautiful FRUIT HAMPER. You can easily present them or send them as they are easily available on the online stores and e markets. Easy online ordering and fast delivery will make your job even more exciting and you will love to present gifts to your friends and family. Send your loved ones seasonal fruits like the apples, oranges, mangoes or whatever you like making them happy, as well as contribute to their health.

5 Best Fruit Baskets for your Mum


It is the month of May, the month that is dedicated to mothers all around the world in order to appreciate the role and the efforts that they have played in their children’s life. It may be impossible to repay for all that mothers do for their children, but it still is possible to appreciate her and make her days bright and joyful. To do this, a special day has been dedicated that is celebrated every year so that children can take time out of their busy schedules and routines to make their mothers feel important. The ‘mother’s day’ had been originally recognized in America in 1908 with the mission to honor the person who has done more for you than any other person in the world.


With this concept the day was originated and is joyfully celebrated up till now. There are many ways to celebrate this day but one common tradition that is practiced throughout the world is of gift giving as it shows the maximum love for the person. But considering the increasing heat and tiring weather, there is no better gift than a basket full of fresh, mouthwatering and refreshing fruits to help mothers boost back their energy and feel energized.

There is a large variety to select the ideal fruit basket for mother’s day; however mother’s day fruit basket delivery is a specially designed and preferred way to brighten up her day, including different fruit baskets to choose from.

1) The gourmet nuts tray and the pine nuts tray that are uniquely designed by adding dry fruits of high quality including a mix of seasonal dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazel nuts, cashew nuts etc.  These can also be replaced with some quantity of fresh fruits to make it an exciting combination.

2) Secondly, baskets can also be made by using entirely a variety of fresh fruits all wrapped up in with a delicate packaging. For instance one can purchase the just pears basket that comprises of a number of pears wrapped up in a basket. Similarly just apples fruit basket can also be purchased that has a number of red and green freshly picked apples and the same goes for the apples delight fruit basket

3) Moreover, not only a fruit of basket can be gifted, along with it a customized special message card can also be prepared for mums to enjoy reading loving messages, old memories and other special events on the message.

4) A special basket can also be purchased with a variety of many colorful and mouthwatering fruits of all kinds. Usually the seasonal fruits are included in such baskets including the fruity sensation basket, tuttie fruittie basket, fruit snack basket and many more that have different fruits in it such as  a number of apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, fresh pears etc. This type of basket provides the maximum natural beauty and nutrition one can purchase in a good price for their mother.


5) Lastly, a fruit basket can also contain some additional items to make it more interesting and unique from the normal fruit basket, for instance savory apples fruit basket contains all sorts of different apples, along with cottage delight apple chutney and also chocolate fudges to present. Similarly, the border fruit hamper is another ideal choice including a combination of ten different fruits along with packs of assorted biscuits. Moreover, there is a fruits and nuts basket that comprises of a variety of fruits along with a variety of nuts as well including almonds, pistachios etc.

These five fruit baskets make your Mum feel mesmerized with your passion of love for her and would make her Mother’s Day exemplary.

Fruits and Family


In this era of technology and speed, we often forget about ourselves. Staying fit, healthy and surviving is as important as being successful in life. You may choose to hit the gym and workout for hours, but health has more to do with diet than with exercise. Fresh fruits and vegetables are items with highest nutritional value and including them as an integral part of your everyday diet will rapidly improve the health and fitness of an entire family.


Fruits prevent common health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and digestion related problems. Nutrients like potassium, vitamin c and folic acid, readily available in fruits are very essential for a healthy body, which in turn will support a healthy brain that will make intelligent decisions for a successful life.

Let us take a deeper look to understand how you can reap optimum results of fruit consumption.

Nutritional Value

Always understand that humans require a wide range of nutrients to meet the requirements of a healthy body. Hence, here are a few points to help you get the best out of the fruits you eat.

  •  Choose whole fruits over fruit juices, as the extraction process leaves the dietary fibre behind. Eat the fruit whenever you plan to have a juice to gain the dietary fibre which improves bowel function and digestive system.
  • Potassium is very rarely available in edible items; hence, choose to consume potassium rich fruits like prunes and prune juice, bananas, orange juice, dried peach and apricots. Bananas are readily available and can be easily topped on your breakfast cereal to meet the daily nutritional requirements.
  • Choose ripe fresh fruits over canned fruits. However, if you have no option, choose to buy canned fruits that are canned in 100% fruit juice. Syrup and artificial sweeteners used in other canned fruits increase the calorific value and sugar levels highly.
  •  As mentioned above, we require a wide range of nutrients for a healthy living. Hence, choose to eat a variety of fruits rather than sticking to only those that you cherish the most. Every fruit has its own nutritional value, and the best way to utilize it would be to depend on the seasons.
  •  Choose fruits according to seasons as they will be less expensive and avoid fruits that are available in the wrong season, as artificial unhealthy methods can be used to cultivate them in unfavourable conditions.

With these ways, you can make sure that you get fresh nutritious fruits round the year for yourself and the family.

Family First

Children and elders are hard to convince, and it may seem very difficult to introduce a fruit rich diet into their lifestyles. Let us take a look at few methods to make fruit consumption easy for you and your family.

  • Slice some fruits and top it on every day breakfast cereal to make it more tasty and interesting.
  •  Always have a bowl of fruits on the table or the refrigerator.
  •  Fruits like strawberries and melons taste very good with a dip or dressing. However, remember to choose fat-free and low calorie dressings.
  •  A salad day is a great way of encouraging the family to consume fresh fruits and vegetables.


With implementation of such easy methods, fruits will become an integral part of your diet in no time. You will soon realize that a diet is most delicious and nutritious with fruits on the menu. You can further build an atmosphere around you by gifting fruit baskets to your loved ones.

A Father’s Day fruit basket is simply the best way to express how important his health is for you.

Fruits for a Fruitful Life


Maintaining a healthy diet during busy schedules has become one of the most difficult things to do in our everyday life. Apparently, obesity and cardiovascular diseases have become one of the most common killers, claiming millions of lives around the world in a year. No matter how low carbohydrate and high protein diet you eat, lack of proper proportions of essential minerals in every day diet leads to numerous health conditions. The major concern of an average human today can easily be eradicated by increasing the consumption of fresh fruits. Yes, fruits contain essential nutrients that can help you meet your every day nutritional requirements easily. For a better understanding, let us take a look at various benefits of fruits as a part of your everyday diet.


Nutrients rare to find elsewhere

Most of the nutrients deficient in our every day diet can easily be consumed from fruits and vegetables. Fruits are rich sources of some rarely found nutrients like dietary fibre, vitamin C, folic acid and potassium. Vitamin C present in all citrus fruits is essential for growth and repair of body tissue and has anti-aging effects. It is also very essential for healthy teeth and gums.

Dietary fibre is another major nutrient found in fruits and green leafy vegetables. Proper consumption in every day diet greatly reduces the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases and effectively reduces the blood cholesterol levels; it is also good for your digestive system.

Potassium, found in fruits like bananas, prunes, peaches, apricots and oranges, is a very essential nutrient often under-consumed in our every day diet. It effectively controls the blood pressure levels to render a healthy body.

The lack of these nutrients is the major cause of above-mentioned common health conditions that we face today.

Some common benefits

The most common and essential benefit of a healthy diet rich in fruits, is the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. Everyday consumption of fruits, along with a healthy diet, builds up the entire immune system leading to a lively health condition. Such a complete nutritional diet has proved to protect the body from certain types of cancers as well.

Fibres contained in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits can protect heart health and control the blood sugar levels. A nutritional diet rich in fresh fruits can reduce the risk of acquiring health conditions like type-2 diabetes and obesity.

A diet rich in fruits and fresh vegetables also greatly reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and control blood pressure levels. The low calorie level of fruits can also be utilized for effective weight loss for weight and size conscious younger generations.



Many of us know that fruits are very good for health and consume them every day, but it is sometimes quiet difficult to convince younger generations to do the same. However, you can use alternative methods like keeping fruits on your dining table or packing a fruit with lunch every day. You can also send out fruit gift baskets with a note to your loved ones to remind them about the importance of a diet rich in fruits.

Gifts are an ideal way to express your love, care and gratitude for your loved ones; when it is a fruit basket, it also expresses how important the person’s health is for you.

How to Cheer Up a Depressed Soul?


All of us go through periods of elation and those of depression. You may want to cheer up a loved one who is down in the dumps. This can be done by empathizing with their plight, give a listening ear to as they vent their feelings and helping them look at their situation with a fresh perspective.

Here are some simple steps to cheer up some one in a depressed state:


  • Listening and empathizing: Most of the time your loved one is not looking for advice, but only a listening ear to their problems and grievances. If he or she wants to share their feelings with you, sit by her side and lend her a shoulder to cry on. Never interrupt the person when she is talking and try to be deeply interested in what she says. Don’t give her the feeling that she is a burden and waste of time to you.
  • Ask relevant questions: One of the best ways to open a channel of conversation is to ask relevant questions particularly about what she is feeling. The idea is to steer clear of asking questions which are far removed from the problem as it will confuse and make them unhappy. Some good questions are: How does it make you feel?  Do you want advice from someone we know?
  • Relate to the situation: Don’t remove the focus on her problem but acquaint her with a similar situation you have faced and any lessons you have gained from it. To relate to a person means the way you console her, not what you say.


  • Offer advice if proper:  After considering the situation and finding out what the problem is, take some time to decide what the best course of action is. Let her know if you have an idea or solution. Make sure you don’t lie if you don’t have any idea. In such a case, refer her case to a person with a better idea. While offering advice, present one option but remember to make her aware that every problem has multiple solutions.
  • Be face to face: Modern technology makes things as much complicated as simple. You may feel that sending a warm text message will do.  But being face to face for exchanging emotions and feelings is probably the ideal method for making her feel better.


  • Offering thoughtful gifts: One of the most warm and fuzzy feelings is when you get a special and unexpected gift for no reason at all. Giving a gift can make the day of a person and often, the gesture of the gift is more important than the actual gift. A gift need not be expensive but only creative. Small gestures like sending fruit baskets are more valuable than a costly bauble from a store.

10_sending fruit

  • Make them smile: Bring a smile to the person’s face either by sporting a warm, reassuring smile yourself or cracking jokes in good taste that they will like. Funny stories and jokes are good ice breakers are after discussing her problem at length.

These are some of the tips o cheer up a depressed friend. Being there for them in their bad times is the best thing you can do.

How to Cheer Up a Sick Friend


No one likes to be sick. But sometimes an illness is the way your body tells you to slow down and take a break from your busy schedules. If a friend is sick, you need to take up the task of cheering him or her on the road to recovery.

Here are a few simple ways to cheer up your sick friend:

  • Music therapy: There is no better way to cheer up a friend than to treat her to some fine music. Good music is believed to enhance and improve one’s mood. Make a music CD for your friend or update her iPod with the latest tracks or some old time favourites. If you have the talent, you can sing a few of her favourite numbers, along with strumming a guitar.
  • Go down memory lane: No one wants to part with memories especially happy memories which we want to relive again and again.  Therefore, help your friend remember all the good times you had. For instance, relive memories of dressing up for prom and dancing the night away.

5_fruit hamper

  • Present a token of love: A kiss from your father and an ice cream soothed any wound you suffered as a child. Even as adults, we need someone to take care of us and soothe us when we are sick.  So, present a token of your love to your friend. It may be sending fruit hampers or a basket filled with your friend’s favourite goodies. The token of love need not be expensive; it only needs to be thoughtful. It may be a bunch of flowers from your garden presented along with a handmade get well soon card. The more personalized the gift, the more it will be appreciated.
  • Arrange a lengthy movie session: Your friend may have wanted to watch many T.V. shows as well as movies but could not due to her busy schedule. The time she is sick is when you can help her catch up on all shows she likes. Rent a number of DVD’s for her sake.
  • Luscious chocolate magic: Dark chocolate in moderate amounts has been found scientifically to be a healthy snack. Chocolate is a mood elevator. Don’t settle for buying the usual chocolate bars from the nearby super market. Get creative and bake a chocolate cake or pudding or make a chocolate drink. You can also make homemade chocolate candy.
  • Keep your friend updated: Being sick means you are cut off from the regular as well as hot happenings of the world. It is not enough to keep track of social media like Facebook or What’s App. Try not to make her feel as if she is left out of anything.
  • Gift a 12 hour pie: a 12 hour pie is nothing but a large hat box wrapped in yellow paper and filled with twelve presents, one each for every hour. These presents will keep the sick friend happy and occupied for twelve hours.

These are some of the ways in which you can cheer up your friend. Being sick is the time when you realize the true value of a friend. Also, if a friend is sick, you must cheer them up with a visit or at least a phone call.


Glow this Christmas naturally


Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. And if somebody you know is a lover of fruits, gift them a Christmas fruit basket. Here are some fruits which help the skin and can be a great addition to the fruit baskets.

1_fruit basket
1. Papaya-
I know it might be too big for the fruit basket. But you can always shape it in a way and pack it and give it. Papaya applied on the skin helps fight pigmentation. It also removes the dead skin from the skin. It helps the skin get a natural shine as well as acts as a cleansing agent.

Papaya2. Banana –
Bananas can help you soften your hair. If the pollution has damaged your hair, then a banana therapy for few days will work wonders. It also helps in tightening the skin if applied directly as a mask on the wrinkled area. Bananas are natural moisturizes for the skin.

ban3. Grapes –
This small fruit is super helpful! Grapes protect the skin against sunburns. It also is a rejuvenator and smoothen the skin. If you have a scar that is bothering you, then use grapes. They lighten scars and marks. Grapeseed oil can clear up all the dandruff you have. It also cures hair loss.


4. Pears –
The green fruit can do a lot. The fibre prevents skin breakouts. It can also clear up acne and help you turn tables for wrinkles. Look younger by consuming pears. Not just this, but also tames the fizziness of the hair. Plus it makes the hair look shiny and soft.

pears5. Pineapple-

This pokey fruit has a number of uses. Pineapple can cure cracks on the feet and face. It makes you look younger and also keeps wrinkles away. It also softens the nails and chaps the lips. So, this winter, do not buy a gloss instead use pineapples. It also helps in growing hair faster.

pinapple6. Cherry-
This cute little red fruit can aid the health, but it also is a multivitamin to the skin. It lightens the dark patches on the body and face.

cherry 7. Blackberries –
No, we are not talking about the mobile company. We are talking about the fruit. Blackberries hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. They treat cuts too. Also, people with oily skin should always use blackberries. It is also a natural cleanser for the body and face. Keeps the skin glowing and marks free.

berrySeveral other fruits do wonders to the skin but start with these few towards better skin care. See the magic yourself by eating and using some fruits in your day to day life. You can also send fruit basket containing these healthy fruits to your loved ones.

Don’t Diet; Eat Fruits


People are going berserk with the idea of dieting these days. And they do not realise that they have been missing out on some important nutrients for their body. The eating habits have changed and are being focused more towards junk food rather than nutritional foods.

56_fersh fruit

If you want to get slim and trim in just few months, then opt for fruits instead of pills or vague diets. A simple workout and some good fresh fruits are all you need to get in shape. Also, avoid medications and have more fruits to save and cure you from numerous diseases.

Get rid of that belly fat without any side effects and any pain. Go the natural way and benefit your skin too. Here’s a list of fruits that contain high number of nutrients and vitamins.


It is often said that, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Apples are considered as super fruits. It is heard that Apples can cure several diseases. Some of them are diabetes, cancer, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. It also keeps your weight in control. Since it contains high fibre, it helps in balancing the digestion in the body and doesn’t let gas form inside.

6_fruit by post1Oranges

Oranges are known for Vitamin C. Many a times we see continental breakfast always consists of orange juice with rest of the meal; this is because the fruit activates your senses in the morning. Like apples, orange too helps prevents plenty diseases like cancer, lowers the cholesterol, fights kidney and liver infections and many more. Applying the fruit to your face, brightens the complexion and add glow to it.

39_parlor day outPlum

This stone fruit is sweet and healthy. Plum protects the heart from any kind of blood pressure. It also helps fight constipation that is if you eat dry ones. Plum can help you treat any bone injury too. It boosts bone health. Listen up children and parents; eating a plum a day can help increase memory. These are just few benefits. Imagine what else this little fruit can do!



Do not forget to add some apricots to your collection when you order fruit baskets in UK. Apricots are great for removing dead skin on your body, but it can also help you fight several diseases. They are low fat and help maintain the body weight. It is rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and Fibre. So what are you waiting for? Start eating them now.


The mango season is one of the best things in India. But not just for its sweet taste but mango is super useful. Though you don’t need a reason to eat mangoes, yet in case you are not a mango lover, then you should read this – Protects from heat stroke, helps in shedding some weight, cleans the skin and provides iron to the body.


Tell your mother how special she is


How long has it been since you told your mother that you care. When was the last time you told her how appreciated and loved she is and how indebted you are for her round the clock selfless love. You don’t really remember, right? Then, today is the day. Mothers are easy to please; they tend to find happiness and content in little things of life. We take her for granted and her every effort she puts in making our lives so much better. But then she must not forget that only a mother can give you so much and yet ask for nothing in return. In fact, she forgets your anger and negligence and forgives you for every that time you have hurt her. So, this is our one chance to tell her that you may not express it often, but you do know that life without her would have been a complete hell and that you love her for everything she has done. This Mother’s Day, treat her to her favourite luxury, one’s she never thought of taking because she was busy taking care of you.


  • Give her a day off- She goes through the day doing millions of chores without complaining. Give her a day off from her duties. Make her sit and watch her favourite shows without being bothered about anything. Try and cook for her, her favourites. It will be a pleasure for her. She would know how much she is valued, and you would know that it isn’t an easy task to cook perfectly every single time like she does. This will just cost you your time and energy and not a single dime.
  • Gift her health-Get Mother’s Day fruit basket delivery at your doorstep accompanied by exotic flowers and a Cake. This is easy but trust me she would love it more than anything. It isn’t the gifts; it’s your love and care that reflects in each of those.  Expressing feelings are always easy; you just have to take out some time from your busy schedule.
  • A movie date- If she loves watching a movie, take her out for her favourite one, just two of you. Make her feel special and appreciated. Let her see how proud you are of her. Give her your time and attention. After what she has been through for you, this is the least she deserves.

1_1_fruit basket

  • Relive memories- The most cherished things for your mother are her memories of you two together. She remembers every moment of your growing up, be it good or bad. Collect as many pictures of you and her together and make an album or a collage or a movie and got through it together. Make her tell the stories related to each one. You will be amazed at just how much she remembers.

Gifts need not be costly for being valuable, especially when it comes to mothers. A personal touch just does the magic for her. This Mother’s Day, gift her something that she often craves for- your time and attention.