Glow this Christmas naturally


Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. And if somebody you know is a lover of fruits, gift them a Christmas fruit basket. Here are some fruits which help the skin and can be a great addition to the fruit baskets.

1_fruit basket
1. Papaya-
I know it might be too big for the fruit basket. But you can always shape it in a way and pack it and give it. Papaya applied on the skin helps fight pigmentation. It also removes the dead skin from the skin. It helps the skin get a natural shine as well as acts as a cleansing agent.

Papaya2. Banana –
Bananas can help you soften your hair. If the pollution has damaged your hair, then a banana therapy for few days will work wonders. It also helps in tightening the skin if applied directly as a mask on the wrinkled area. Bananas are natural moisturizes for the skin.

ban3. Grapes –
This small fruit is super helpful! Grapes protect the skin against sunburns. It also is a rejuvenator and smoothen the skin. If you have a scar that is bothering you, then use grapes. They lighten scars and marks. Grapeseed oil can clear up all the dandruff you have. It also cures hair loss.


4. Pears –
The green fruit can do a lot. The fibre prevents skin breakouts. It can also clear up acne and help you turn tables for wrinkles. Look younger by consuming pears. Not just this, but also tames the fizziness of the hair. Plus it makes the hair look shiny and soft.

pears5. Pineapple-

This pokey fruit has a number of uses. Pineapple can cure cracks on the feet and face. It makes you look younger and also keeps wrinkles away. It also softens the nails and chaps the lips. So, this winter, do not buy a gloss instead use pineapples. It also helps in growing hair faster.

pinapple6. Cherry-
This cute little red fruit can aid the health, but it also is a multivitamin to the skin. It lightens the dark patches on the body and face.

cherry 7. Blackberries –
No, we are not talking about the mobile company. We are talking about the fruit. Blackberries hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. They treat cuts too. Also, people with oily skin should always use blackberries. It is also a natural cleanser for the body and face. Keeps the skin glowing and marks free.

berrySeveral other fruits do wonders to the skin but start with these few towards better skin care. See the magic yourself by eating and using some fruits in your day to day life. You can also send fruit basket containing these healthy fruits to your loved ones.