Easter essentials and hampers


Easter is an important festival that is celebrated by a huge number of people across the globe. This is the time when friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours prefer to share gifts with one another for increasing the happiness and wishing others good health. With plenty of gifts available in the market, the individual is simply spoilt for choice. However, one gift that is sure to be enjoyed by every person is the fruit basket. Easter fruit baskets have become common among individuals since these are healthy and affordable options. Moreover, they are sure to be enjoyed and appreciated by the receiver and his family. There are many stores and online sites that deal with such fruit baskets and one can find plenty of choices to choose from.

26Promoting good eating habits

It is very important to eat good food and include fruits into the daily diet. This does help the person to stay healthy and fit always. People who do not consume fruits are seen to get sick every now and then and are not able to enjoy life like the others. This is where fruit baskets play an important role. These are essential for the improvement and better health of the individual, and, therefore, make lovely presents that can be enjoyed by the whole family and cherished for a long time. The advancements made in technology have made it possible for individuals to send fresh fruit baskets to those near and dear ones, who are staying far away. Fresh, juicy fruits can indeed help the body and mind, including the spirit to be healthy and happy.

What can be included in the basket along with the fruits?

To make the basket much more interesting and enticing, the individual can easily add the following and can see the glow on the recipient’s face, when the person opens up the basket.

  • Fat free dairy products: There are several options to select from and it is a good protein source.
  • Peanut butter: This filling versatile and healthy spread is very high in terms of protein, fibre and vegetable fats.
  • Passion fruits: Having a breakfast that starts with date and then followed by fresh fruits is something that is recommended. It does make a huge difference to the person. The individual can add varieties of fruits such as melons, strawberries, naartjies, apples, paw-paw, papaya, kiwi fruit, orange or pineapple. Fruits are undoubtedly very high in fibre, low in fat, having minerals, photochemical and vitamins to boost the immune system. Having the right kind of fruits is sure to prevent indigestion, heart burn, fatigue and constipation. One can also include frozen berries. Although expensive, they are sure to be a hit among the recipients.

The festival can be made much more memorable and interesting simply by delivering fruit baskets to the beloved one and others. This is sure to leave a long lasting impression, one that is sure to be reciprocated in similar fashion, with love and affection.