7 reasons to eat cherries


Cherries are not just useful as toppings for cakes but they are great for health, skin and hair care too. These red tiny fruits are worth buying and consuming. Include cherries in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

12_cherryListing down reasons to consume cherries: –

  • Weight loss:

With around less than 100 calories and half a gram of fat serving, cherry is great if you are a diet freak. They are tasty and fill up the stomach well too. Make fruit salads with maximum of cherries in it and eat thrice a day as filler before lunch and dinner. It will help you maintain your bod. Also, if you want to reduce belly fat faster, then you should surely opt for cherries. They reduce inflammation of the stomach post eating and do not create any gas problems.

  • Hearty heart:

Get a hearty heart with cherries. This fruit is filled with the goodness of antioxidants which make it amazing to reduce heart and cancer disease. The fruit is superior in Vitamin E and contains a small amount of quercetin, which helps the body overall.

  • Good sleep:

Cherry consists of melatonin which is connected to your sleep cycle. A study has shown that if you consume cherries for dinner, you will get a good sleep with no disturbances. But it may vary from people to people. Well anyways, everybody wants a good sleep at night so there is no reason to say no to cherries before bed.

  • Arthritis relief:

If you suffer from major pain due to arthritis then cherry is what you need. People going through the pain of osteoarthritis should drink tart cherry juice three times a day. This will reduce the inflammations and excess discomfort.

  • Muscle ache:

If you are a gym freak and workout a lot, eat cherries post the session. This will reduce the muscle pain and relax your body. The fruit can prevent any future damages due to heavy exercises and sports activities. Professional runners usually drink cherry juice post practice.

  • Young look:

Red cherries can make you look younger. Yes, it’s true! Directly eating it or the juice can make your skin shinier and better. Also, you will fight the wrinkles that are ready to come on the skin. The 17 different antioxidant compounds help cure many other damages to the skin. This is the most number of antioxidants ever found in any fruit.

  •  Fights bacteria:

Cherries can fight bacteria internally and externally too. If you consume cherries at a large rate, then you will not face acne problems. The antioxidants kill the bacteria which cause acne and boils on the skin, giving us clear and healthy skin. Also, it can control hair fall issues. Cherries can make your hair stronger and shimmering.

12_mainSo, what are you waiting for? While making a father’s day fruit basket gift, do not think twice before you include cherries. Let your loved ones live a hearty and healthy life!

Fruits and Family


In this era of technology and speed, we often forget about ourselves. Staying fit, healthy and surviving is as important as being successful in life. You may choose to hit the gym and workout for hours, but health has more to do with diet than with exercise. Fresh fruits and vegetables are items with highest nutritional value and including them as an integral part of your everyday diet will rapidly improve the health and fitness of an entire family.


Fruits prevent common health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and digestion related problems. Nutrients like potassium, vitamin c and folic acid, readily available in fruits are very essential for a healthy body, which in turn will support a healthy brain that will make intelligent decisions for a successful life.

Let us take a deeper look to understand how you can reap optimum results of fruit consumption.

Nutritional Value

Always understand that humans require a wide range of nutrients to meet the requirements of a healthy body. Hence, here are a few points to help you get the best out of the fruits you eat.

  •  Choose whole fruits over fruit juices, as the extraction process leaves the dietary fibre behind. Eat the fruit whenever you plan to have a juice to gain the dietary fibre which improves bowel function and digestive system.
  • Potassium is very rarely available in edible items; hence, choose to consume potassium rich fruits like prunes and prune juice, bananas, orange juice, dried peach and apricots. Bananas are readily available and can be easily topped on your breakfast cereal to meet the daily nutritional requirements.
  • Choose ripe fresh fruits over canned fruits. However, if you have no option, choose to buy canned fruits that are canned in 100% fruit juice. Syrup and artificial sweeteners used in other canned fruits increase the calorific value and sugar levels highly.
  •  As mentioned above, we require a wide range of nutrients for a healthy living. Hence, choose to eat a variety of fruits rather than sticking to only those that you cherish the most. Every fruit has its own nutritional value, and the best way to utilize it would be to depend on the seasons.
  •  Choose fruits according to seasons as they will be less expensive and avoid fruits that are available in the wrong season, as artificial unhealthy methods can be used to cultivate them in unfavourable conditions.

With these ways, you can make sure that you get fresh nutritious fruits round the year for yourself and the family.

Family First

Children and elders are hard to convince, and it may seem very difficult to introduce a fruit rich diet into their lifestyles. Let us take a look at few methods to make fruit consumption easy for you and your family.

  • Slice some fruits and top it on every day breakfast cereal to make it more tasty and interesting.
  •  Always have a bowl of fruits on the table or the refrigerator.
  •  Fruits like strawberries and melons taste very good with a dip or dressing. However, remember to choose fat-free and low calorie dressings.
  •  A salad day is a great way of encouraging the family to consume fresh fruits and vegetables.


With implementation of such easy methods, fruits will become an integral part of your diet in no time. You will soon realize that a diet is most delicious and nutritious with fruits on the menu. You can further build an atmosphere around you by gifting fruit baskets to your loved ones.

A Father’s Day fruit basket is simply the best way to express how important his health is for you.