Go Green this Christmas!


The word of the moment is ‘green.’ With our mother earth in great danger, there is a growing tendency in most of us to go green and use organic products. We have many different kinds of products and lots and lots of activists are vigorously championing the cause. They are regularly in the news for protesting in front of the White House or organizing marches or at some organic farms, planting saplings. Some even take it a step further- they are willing to strip off their clothes for our blessed mother Earth. For your contribution this Christmas, however, you need not go to such extent (bless the celebrities and their beautiful bodies). While choosing gift hampers this Christmas, you can choose a fresh organic fruit basket for delivery. These fruit baskets are environment friendly, not to mention that they are also great for the health.

The fruit basket is a quintessential gift basket icon, and one of the gift hampers you can be sure your recipient will enjoy. Organic fruits are some of the most commonly found produce in organic markets and are really easy to assemble. Just choose whatever is available for this season to reduce your cost expenditure and improve freshness. Farmer markets and organic markets are growing in numbers nowadays so you will not have difficulty in getting fresh organic produce. For all those out there who have their own organic garden, they can enjoy the liberties of selection like no other!

17 fruit basket for deliveryYour Christmas basket need not be restricted to just fruits. You can even mix in a few vegetables to add some variance to the typical fruit basket. Add squashes or a few cobs of corn, depending on the season, if you believe that your friends and relatives enjoy them.

One may also include a variety of nuts to the fruit basket. You can buy raw nuts or roasted ones and as long as they are certified organic, the kind does not really matter. Many people do not have a sweet tooth, so for them roasted nuts is a good option as they provide a healthy snack. Raw nuts on the other hand can be used for cooking, baking and other such purposes and is also beneficial nutritionally.

You can bundle together organic grains, as well. Not only is it a good idea for gift baskets, but it also provides the recipient with their dinner food. You can choose different kinds of organic grains, mixing and matching, or stick to a particular type like pasta. If you are giving a pasta grain basket, you can include several BPA free jars of organic sauces, as well. If you are giving a rice grain basket, mix and match several different types of rice grains like Basmati rice, whole-grain rice, as well as organic rice blends that mix together rice with dehydrated organic herbs or vegetables. If you are giving away the basket soon, throw in a few organic loaves of French bread. However, avoid giving baskets full of bread as it spoils fast.

With the above mentioned items, you can easily arrange your own organic gift hamper, ready to be delivered. For working professionals who do not find much time, several online stores offer safe delivery of organic gift hampers in UK.

The goodness of grapefruit and mangoes in a nutshell


Fruits are very good to maintain your overall health and vigor. Fruit gift baskets are the best hampers you can ever think of gifting loved and dear ones as you can find something new every day. There are umpteen options under the sun to customize fruit baskets occasion wise and to suit the likes of recipients. Here is presenting you with the goodness and wholesomeness of grapefruit and mangoes in a nut shell


The amazing fruit is rich in beta carotenes, vitamin A and lycopene. It is well denoted as fruit from the paradise for its unique health promoting as well as disease healing properties. The scientific name of the fruits is Citrus paradise.

fruit basket for deliveryGrape fruit is widely grown in the Caribbean islands and Barbados.

Health benefits of the fruit straight from the paradise

  • Grapefruit is low in calories and rich in fiber. The fiber named pectin aids digestion and bowel movements. The bulk laxative agent present in the desired fruit helps prevent toxic substances from entering the mucus membrane thereby preventing colon cancer.
  • The fruit is enriched with Vitamin A and other antioxidants namely naringenin, lycopene, beta carotene, xanthin and lutein. These anti oxidants help maintain an ideal vision all through your life.
  • The fruit is also enriched with Vitamin C and helps prevent harmful UV rays from entering the sun.

Preparation tips

1)      You can eat grapefruit just upon slicing the peel and eating the pulp of the insides similar to oranges.

2)      You can prepare pudding cakes or add to fresh fruit salad or low fat yoghurts to make up an interesting snack.

About Mangoes

Mango is denoted as the king of fruits grown typically in tropical areas. The fruit is nutritionally rich with its unique flavor, taste and health promoting properties. Enriched with Vitamin A, you can use mango pulp as a mask for getting a natural facial done. It leaves the skin soft and rejunuvated. Mangoes were originally known to be cultivated in sub Himalayan plains and terrains. Fresh mango season starts from April and lasts until August.

Health benefits of mangoes

  • Mango fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin A and flavonoids like beta carotenes, alpha carotenes and beta-cryptoxanthin. These antioxidant properties assist good levels of vision. Vitamin A is also required to maintain healthy mucus membranes and skin.
  • Fresh mangoes are excellent sources of potassium as well. Potassium is an important component of cell and body fluids that helps you in maintaining the heart beat at a normal pace. Plus it is enriched with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and vitamin B6.

Preparation tips

1)      Mangoes can be eaten raw and are delicious when added to fruit salads.

2)      These are used extensively in preparation of jams, jellies, ice-creams, milkshakes and smoothies.

Why not gift a bag of nutrition in the form of an assorted fruit basket for delivery? An assorted box of fruits add to fun, enjoyment and the recipient is happy and thrilled to receive one. You can add perfumes, colognes and soft dolls to the gift hamper. Don’t forget to notch your emotions on personalized handmade greeting cards to add to the personal touch and add to the warmth.