The Best Fruit Containers


Fruits are an essential component in our lifestyle. With people understanding the health benefits of fruits, and also, inclining towards health building diet, the demand and storage of fruits have grown significantly in the recent times. Refrigeration of fruits is not the best idea for all types fruits.

Many fruits like banana, apple, etc, are best kept outside, in the open environment. In order to aptly store the fruits, analyzing few containers is essential. There are many containers in the market made of plastic, steel and various other materials. An individual may just make an online purchase and get fresh fruit baskets delivered instantly and cost effectively.

29If an individual wants to design his own fruit containers or baskets, they can follow some simple steps and develop their own fruit baskets, as per their convenience. These baskets can be sized appropriately according to the requirements and other major and minor changes can be made, based on the necessity of an individual.

Necessary items for making a fruit basket

Analyzing the necessary items required for making a suitable fruit basket can help in equipping ourselves with some necessary items for making a beautiful fruit basket.

  • Hardware wire cloth, ½ inch
  • Plywood, ¼ inch
  • Wire cutters
  • Staple gun
  • Scroll saw
  • “S” shaped small chain of 15 feet
  • Ceiling hook

Process of making a fruit basket

  • The circles are drawn using a compass or any circular shaped item.
  • The circles can measure in proportion like 8, 9 & 10 (inches).
  • The measurement of circles can vary according to the utility required from them. The hardware wire cloth is unrolled and is cut through its width.
  • Around 8-10 squares down across the hardware wire cloth; the wire of a suitable square is folded in the middle.
  • The cloth is stapled to around the first circle by joining the scrap of the wire using the crease.
  • The same process is repeated for the other circles.
  • The chains are now attached suitably by maintaining an equal gap between the baskets.
  • A little extra length is provided for the chain between the ceiling and the first basket.
  • The fruit baskets are now are hung on the ceiling hook using the “S” screw.

Add your tinge of creativity and imagination

This process of making a fruit basket is not rigid and confined, to whatever mentioned above. Own methods and creative ideas can be added to the same process, to make it even more attractive and presentable. A single basket can be wrapped with a packing cover and can be used for making an attractive gift basket filled with colorful fruits.

Also, various shapes and sizes of baskets can be created to ensure the objective of making the fruit container is resolved. Square baskets can be used instead of the circular or oval fruit baskets. Various changes in the materials can lead to cost effective and better solution.

Thus, an individual can look forward to customization of his own basket, with maximum creativity and skill, without the use of extensive resources and time.

Multi benefits and nutritional value of consuming healthy fruits



Consuming fruits the healthy way is linked to a lot of anti-ageing properties. When you take fruits like blue berries or straw berries as a part of your daily meal, your heart remains youthful and at the same time, you get complete protection from certain types of cancers. When you eat fresh fruits, your body emits happy feel hormones. The same feel when you eat a cup of your favorite flavored ice-cream or a fun filled dessert. The happy feel hormones keep your mind fresh and agile. Depression, anxiety or hyper tension is completely got rid of with a bowl of fresh fruits coupled with 30 minutes of deep breathing exercises or meditation. Your body gets an overall relaxing effect.

Certain specific benefits of consuming fresh fruits are as under

  • Fruits are low in calories and fat. Plus they contain simple sugars, fiber and vitamins which are essential for the wellness factor of your health.
  • When you consume bountiful fruits that nature has got to offer, you get an adequate dose of dietary soluble fiber. And this keeps cholesterol levels at bay.
  • Fruits contain many anti-oxidants like poly-phenolic flavonoids, vitamin C and anthocyanin. These help you in preventing certain types of cancers, oxidation stress and heart related ailments. They also fight against infection producing bacteria and help in making your immune levels stronger.

  • Anthocyanin are flavonoids which help in concentrating in areas of the body just underneath the skin. They provide you with healthy radicals which prevent hair fall, depression, ageing and gives you protection against cancers as well.

These are present in fruits like blue berries, green/black grapes, mulberries, acai berry, black berries and in many other vegetables featuring blue or deep purple color. Colored fruits and vegetables are linked to a lot of nutritional and medical benefits.

  • Frits provide you with better health and immunity levels. They are in fact power packed sources of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients. A lot of medicines are prepared from plant or fruit extracts owing to the micro-nutrient content.

  • In general by having a bowl of healthy fruits you prevent yourself from ailments such as wrinkling of skin, hair loss, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, color cancers, retinal disorders and osteoporosis. The list of benefits arising from having fruits is simply end less.

  • You can gift a pack of nutrition and good health to your loved one in the form of exciting fruit hampers, UK. Your recipient can also get the health benefits what you get on consuming them.


How much fruits do you consume daily?

The US health and nutrition department suggests that you can eat any serving of fruits every day. The nutritional or calorific requirement however differs from person to person. For example, if a person is diagnosed with sugar, then he/she can refrain from eating fruits which are too sweet like pine-apples or mangoes.

On a daily basis you can have an assorted array of 250 g of fresh fruits. This includes the clean and edible portion after discarding peels, seeds, etc.

Selection of fruits

You can select fruits depending on their bright colors, freshness, flavor and heaviness. The fruits should be heavy on your hands. This implies their wholesomeness and bountifulness.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits are rich source of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Consumption of some dry fruits daily enhances the overall bioavailability of nutrients. Try raisins (dried grapes), apricots, dates, figs, tamarind, etc which are indeed very good iniron, calcium, zinc, selenium and manganese.

This overall guide helps you in deciding what kind of fruits are linked to health benefits and how you are supposed to consume them.



Celebrate Christmas Joy with Christmas Fruit Hampers


Christmas is the most blissful festival that we all love to celebrate in high spirits with our family and friends. The cozy living rooms, echoesof joyful laughter, children playing around giggling and enjoying the Christmas sweets, with aroma of food mesmerizing the whole environment; it all makes a perfect sketch of Christmas eve. Right at the corner alongside the Christmas tree, are the Christmas gifts well decorated sent by loved ones or brought by guests coming to greet this wonderful occasion.


When it comes to Christmas Gifts, you have all the options and spectacular variety to look for ranging from food hampers, to flowers, chocolates to personal items, Christmas cakes and even fruits. Christmas fruit baskets are quite a popular treat to have on this joyful event. People love to exchange fruits hamper because fruits are a sign of freshness, natural healthy food that can be enjoyed by everyone. We all love fruits whether we want to consume them in natural form or just make them a part of our meal. Sending Christmas fruithampers is a wonderful idea as it can be convenient and inspiring at the same time. You do not have to overthink about the Christmas gift being liked by everyone because you cannot please everyone with a single item. It is only these exotic and ripening fresh fruit baskets that can delight every person of the family.


There are various benefits you can have for choosing Christmas Fruit Hamper:

  • You can get these fruit baskets from any well reputed retailer. There are hundreds of online shopping stores offering smashing varieties of Christmas fruit baskets to be gifted to your loved ones. You can either choose them online or visit your nearby store for a fresh and delectable fruits basket.
  • You do not have to put any effort in fruits selection because these fruit baskets are already designed and assorted with various fruits variety. You can select any of these readymade baskets based on your love of fruits.
  • All fruits assorted in these baskets are carefully selected and are market fresh. You do not have to worry for their quality or damage because they are freshly plucked and are arranged according to their shelf life. So if you are ordering for Christmas, the retailers are aware that their fruits should remain as fresh and bright when they reach the recipient’s home.
  • You do not have to visit yourself to make a fruits basket delivery. All you need to do is sit in your cozy sofa, go through several online stores selling luscious fruit baskets for Christmas, and place your order for the favorite one.
  • Sending a fruit hamper to your family is a feasible gift because it will suit the needs of the whole family. Whether it is your grandparents, children or just elders, all would be delighted to receive such a bountiful gift.
  • Christmas is a busy time of the year and one usually cannot decide Christmas gifts for their social circle. Everyone’s social circle has family, relatives, friends and then colleagues which they have to greet on Christmas through beautiful and attractive Christmas gifts. So, instead of going for a separate gift choice for each of these segments, one can find glorious fruit hampers that will be a wholesome treat for all.
  • Christmas is a very busy time of the year and since it is chilling out there, you would not like to take a trip to the market for buying Christmas gifts. Hence, you can do that by shopping these refreshing and chirpy Christmas fruit hampersonline and get them delivered on time without any hassle.

Gift Your Loved Ones Some Nutrition with Fresh Fruit Hampers


Sending gifts to your loved ones is an excellent way of showing your affection and expressing your happiness. They indicate how much you love and care for the other person. Gifting options are available in plenty. You can gift teddy bears, chocolates, fruit baskets, greeting cards, key chains and the list is endless. Fresh fruit hampers are a great pick. Fresh fruits are basically seasonal fruits and have a short shelf life. So you need to check on the expiry date, ie. The best before use dates before you purchase one. Then you can calculate the number of days it would approximately take to reach the other end before you plan to gift one.

Some of the awesome fresh fruit hampers are as below:

0001Four seasons fruits hamper:

There are certain varieties of fruits which are available throughout the year. These include apples, bananas, pears and sweet-lime. This marks the four seasons fruit hamper.

Winter fruits hamper

This hamper includes seasonal winter fruits. The gift basket includes strawberries, kiwis and plums. You get to enjoy a delightful winter with this exotic collection.

Tropical bounty fruit hamper

You have grapes, apples, bananas and oranges as a part of this attractive hamper. You can enjoy having fruits after dinner or you can bake fresh fruit biscuits, may be of dried orange peel powder or dried apple powder. Or send them to your friends. If you receive a fresh fruit hamper you can make fruit jams and have it with bread toast to make for a mouth-watering breakfast.

Apples and only apples gift hamper

You have a set of green and golden apples. You can gift these to your near and dear ones.

Fruit Orchard basket

This delightful collection includes assorted fruits like strawberries, plums, oranges, apples, pears and kiwis. You can gift these or enjoy the vibrant collection if you get one.

King of Fruits Hamper

Bananas, mangoes and grapes are the king of fruits. The collection makes a delightful treat to eat as a salad. You can have them along with cornflakes cereal as well.

All these fruit baskets come in attractive cane baskets with satin ribbons tied to them. The delivery of these baskets takes place by 11 am the next day on placing the order if you send these hampers with in UK. You can personalize these gift hampers by adding a card and a bottle of wine to say how much the person staying at the other end means to you.

The loved ones may be your daughter or your son or a close friend, your brother or sister. The loved one can also include your fiancée or boy-friend. You can pick an ‘I Love You’ card and you can add your voice message to add a personal touch to the gift. Doesn’t the whole idea sound romantic? The gift hampers are priced between £20- £25. The gift hampers weigh 2.5 to 3 kilos approximately depending on the kind of fruits included as a part of the hamper.

Grace Your Occasions with Fruit Hampers


Forget about conventional gifting options like key-chains, chocolates and teddy bears. Try gifting attractive fruit hampers instead. Fruit hampers are customized by online gift shops occasion wise. Let’s see in detail as to how this is being done.


You can select hampers relating to birthdays. What comes to mind when you think of celebrating a loved one’s birthday? It is the most colorful day of your life isn’t it? An assorted fruit box containing apples, cherries, plums, kiwis, bananas, oranges, grapes, pears and Clementine would be an ideal pick. An assorted gift box containing dry fruits like almonds, pista nuts, figs and dried apricots also makes up for an exciting gifting option. An exotic fruit box of this kind costs you anywhere between £25 and £35.



Wedding anniversary

When you think of gifting a wedding anniversary gift hamper may be of your mom’s and dad’s keep it simple on the collection of fruits. You can include a carton box containing apples, oranges and grapes. Add a bottle of wine/ champagne and a box of assorted chocolates to the hamper. A bottle of champagne denotes celebration at the highest level.

Corporate gifts

Companies can come up with gifting ideas to employees and staff members for occasions like Thanksgiving day, New Year’s Day, Christmas, etc.  An ideal fruit bag would consist of apples, grapes, oranges and 500 grams of rich chocolate plum cake. These gifts add to the motivational factor of employees. They feel good about working in the company. May be you can try adding smiley batches and key chains to add to the pep factor.

Get well fruit baskets

In case you are planning to visit your grandma or granddad who is not keeping well and staying indoors you can opt for a tea time fruit basket. The package consists of conventional fruits like grapes, apples, oranges and bananas plus two packs of sponge cakes- one is butter cake and the other pack is fruit cake. It can make an ideal tea time and you can spend some quality time with your near and dear ones.

Say Thank you gift hampers

You have your best friend or a colleague of yours who has helped you a great deal in swimming across troubled waters and you badly wanna say thank you. What better way can there be than saying it with a fruit hamper and a bouquet of flowers. You can add a tutty fruity bounty pack containing cherries, grapes and apples and a cute looking flower bouquet. You can add a personalized thank you card and express your gratitude to the loved one.

Congratulations hamper

You can congratulate your dear ones by including dry fruit hamper, a box of assorted chocolates and a bottle of red wine to say how much you care on your dear one’s progress in life. Congratulations hamper can be sent across to near and loved ones who have recently given birth to a cuddly little baby boy or baby girl. You can include a personalized congratulations card to express your happiness over the same.

Simple Gift Ideas for Christmas


The idea of giving gifts during Christmas started with the three wise men that carried gifts when they went to see baby Jesus. Today, all over the world, people exchange gifts during the time of Christmas. Selecting and buying gifts can become a time consuming and stressful affair if you do not plan well. You might have to buy a number of gifts not only for your close family, but also for a large number of friends, colleagues and extended family. Start planning ahead and buy gifts in advance. You will not be able to give gifts to everyone in person. But you can get them delivered to all the people who matter to you even if you can’t make a Christmas visit. Below are eight simple gifting ideas for Christmas.

9_simple gift for christmas (1)

  • Food – Food is always a favourite gift during Christmas. This is one of the gifting ideas that can work well as a last minute gift. All you need is some elegant packing material. You can bake cookies, cakes or whatever you do best and divide it into a number of pouches and pack nicely. It will make a wonderful gift in a gathering bringing a personal feeling to the gift without having to spend a fortune.


  • Gift Baskets – If you are short on time and cannot spend time on making hand-made gifts, you can choose to order gift baskets from online shops. There are many online gift delivery services that specialize in Christmas gift baskets. You will have a choice of chocolate hampers, flowers, dry fruit basket for Christmas, gourmet food baskets, etc. If you want to order online, make sure you order in advance so that the gift reaches the recipient on time.

9_gift basket

  • Charity – Instead of spending money on gifts, you can donate money to a charity on someone’s name and give them the receipt of donation.
  • Chocolates – Chocolates are always welcome in any party. Choose a hamper with a collection of different tastes and flavours.


  • Practical gifts – Instead of gifts that will be used up in a day or two, you can take the route of practicality. Choose gifts that will be used even after the holidays. Lunch boxes for children with their favourite characters or a winter jacket that can be worn into work every day for your partner might be a good gifting idea too.
  • Personalized gifts – It is possible to personalize store bought gifts too. Choose a gift like a photo frame, or a mug and add a photo or message to it and you can get it delivered to the recipient on the required time.

9_personized gift

  • Family gifts – Instead of giving separate gifts for everyone in a family, you can choose gifts, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. You can buy gift vouchers or tickets to a zoo for a weekend, or book tickets for legoland or similar resorts children enjoy and give it as a gift to the whole family.

9_Family gifts

  • Flowers – Flowers are suitable gifts for all occasions including Christmas. You can pair a bottle of vintage scotch with lovely flower arrangements to impress your hostess at a Christmas party.