Don’t Diet; Eat Fruits


People are going berserk with the idea of dieting these days. And they do not realise that they have been missing out on some important nutrients for their body. The eating habits have changed and are being focused more towards junk food rather than nutritional foods.

56_fersh fruit

If you want to get slim and trim in just few months, then opt for fruits instead of pills or vague diets. A simple workout and some good fresh fruits are all you need to get in shape. Also, avoid medications and have more fruits to save and cure you from numerous diseases.

Get rid of that belly fat without any side effects and any pain. Go the natural way and benefit your skin too. Here’s a list of fruits that contain high number of nutrients and vitamins.


It is often said that, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Apples are considered as super fruits. It is heard that Apples can cure several diseases. Some of them are diabetes, cancer, Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. It also keeps your weight in control. Since it contains high fibre, it helps in balancing the digestion in the body and doesn’t let gas form inside.

6_fruit by post1Oranges

Oranges are known for Vitamin C. Many a times we see continental breakfast always consists of orange juice with rest of the meal; this is because the fruit activates your senses in the morning. Like apples, orange too helps prevents plenty diseases like cancer, lowers the cholesterol, fights kidney and liver infections and many more. Applying the fruit to your face, brightens the complexion and add glow to it.

39_parlor day outPlum

This stone fruit is sweet and healthy. Plum protects the heart from any kind of blood pressure. It also helps fight constipation that is if you eat dry ones. Plum can help you treat any bone injury too. It boosts bone health. Listen up children and parents; eating a plum a day can help increase memory. These are just few benefits. Imagine what else this little fruit can do!



Do not forget to add some apricots to your collection when you order fruit baskets in UK. Apricots are great for removing dead skin on your body, but it can also help you fight several diseases. They are low fat and help maintain the body weight. It is rich in Vitamin A, Potassium and Fibre. So what are you waiting for? Start eating them now.


The mango season is one of the best things in India. But not just for its sweet taste but mango is super useful. Though you don’t need a reason to eat mangoes, yet in case you are not a mango lover, then you should read this – Protects from heat stroke, helps in shedding some weight, cleans the skin and provides iron to the body.