Monsoon Fruits To Be Cherished


Monsoon has arrived in India and when it rains most people crave for tasty and fried foods. But this season is also known as the fruit season. Having fruits can always help one to fight the unnecessary infection and increase body immunity.

For fruit hampers delivered during monsoon, one has to be sure about the monsoon fruits they must order and have.


These fruits are bright red or dark purple in color and it also has a dusty white coating. When one is buying them, they have to check the softness of it. Ripe plums are the best to be eaten. One can eat them as a fruit or else they can make jellies, jams and chutneys out of it. This fruit also has a lot of health benefits. Plum is a great source of Vitamin C and K, dietary fiber, copper and potassium. It can help one who is suffering from constipation and can also absorb a lot of iron. Hence it can prevent the body to cause anemia. There is a pigment found in this fruit called anthocyanins which can protect one from cancer as they clean up free radicals. It is rich in anti oxidants and so it can work as an anti ageing skin care agent. Plum juice can also bring shine in the hair.


Red and ripe cherries are the best to buy and one can easily store them in a refrigerator. One can use them as a topping on a cake or can use as a part of a cocktail drink apart from eating it as a fruit. Cherries are high in potassium and low in sodium. They are also low in calories and has a lot of anti oxidants. It can help one to fight heart diseases and can help in reducing high blood pressure. It also helps one to lower the uric acid level in the body. Regular consumption of cherries can slow down the ageing process. It has vitamin A which can also prevent hair fall. This fruit also helps one to maintain good eyesight.


They are yellowish orange in color and it is a fuzzy fruit with a nice aroma. Apart from eating it as a ripe fruit one can also them to make pies. One can also make tarts and cocktails from it. This fruit has a lot of vitamin A, B carotene and C which can help in protecting the skin. It is also known as the fruit of calmness because it has an ability to reduce anxiety, stress and increase peace of mind. Peach can make the skin look healthy and young. One can use the pulp of the fruit on face to remove all the dead cells and it also acts as a moisturizing agent.

Apart from these in a fruit gift basket one can also add litchis if they are sending monsoon fruits to some because they are juicy and one can make sherbets and ice creams out of this  red and delicious fruit.