Fruit Basket, a unique Gift for Child


Do you love your child? Want to see the freshness and glow on your child’s face and conscious about your child’s health? Well! If you are, then you will love this idea of the baby fruit basket as a gift for your child from your side. Children are just like flowers if you don’t care of them then they will flaccid very soon. They are just like newly born leaves, totally dependent on their parents. Parents are their guardians.  Your child health is also your wealth so play a trick with your child to make him healthy. Try this different and unique idea of presenting a baby fruit basket as a gift.

5_baby fruit basetMostly, when people listen about fruit gift baskets, then the thought which comes to their mind is that, these are for adults but it’s not like that, that you can’t give it to your children. Fruits are natural and a God gift for every age of person so, eliminate this thought from your mind and don’t get confused, be confident. It’s an awesome and healthy gift for your child. Fruits are highly enriched with different Vitamins and minerals which are good for your child. Apples, mangoes, oranges, strawberries, cherries, grapes, watermelons and many other fruits are liked by children.

Fruit baskets which are given to adults are much similar with the fruit baskets which are gifted to a child. The main difference is the decoration. Adults mostly like decent and colorful decoration.Whereas children always like things, which takes them to the fantasy world.

 So, the first thing you have to do is to modify the wrapping and decoration of the fruit basket. You can decorate the Fruit Basket with big colorful bow to attract the child. Decoration of basket will help you a lot in gaining the attention of your child. If you don’t pay attention to this factor then it can’t make your child as much happier as toys can make it so, be careful. If you will be creative then it will be better. You can work on different ideas to make basket different and unique. You can cut a watermelon in such a shape that it will be a basket for you. Similarly you can cut oranges to make small and cute cup cake like baskets in which you can add cherries. When you start thinking about your child then many ideas come to your mind.

The next thing which you have to keep in mind is the likeness of your child. If you are not aware of your child’s choice then try to know because if you don’t add items in fruit basket according to your his choice then it’s worthless and your effort will not be fruitful for you. Make sure about your children’s choice then add items to the baskets and try to add different fruits so that different color of fruit can become the part of the basket and enhance beauty of the basket.

1_baby fruit basketIf you have a shortage of time and can’t do it by yourself then you need to figure out the solution. One good solution is to utilize an online service of different companies. These companies can prepare a readymade gift basket for you. You just need to order online by selecting the baskets, styles, fruit items, decorative material and in short the package which suits your pocket. They do all these things for you and deliver it to you at your place.

To make a child happy is a very easy task. You don’t have to spend a lot time to this task. If your child’s smile is important for you then surely it’s not a big deal for you. Find out some time for your child and bring health and happiness in his life.

Five Simple Ways to Make Your Child Eat Fruits


Most children are picky eaters when it comes to fruits and vegetables. I have seen children reject almost all the fruits in a baby fruit basket except strawberries. On the contrary, give them the options of some junk foods or beverages and they would happily lap it up!

1_baby fruit basketBut, we should all be aware of the fact that having fruits is imperative to build a robust bodily constitution. Fruits are rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, natural fibres and much more. Lack of fruit intake from a very young age can lead to a variety of vitamin deficiency diseases.

Children are in a phase of rapid bodily growth and fruits are required to provide them proper nutrients. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which boosts the immunity while banana contains iron, a mineral that prevents anaemia. Fruits also help reduce obesity in children because they are low in calories and fats and have large quantities of natural fibres that fill up the stomach and do not make them carve for junk food in between meals. Fruits also improve the digestion due to their high fibre content also because they induce digestive enzymes. Further, fruits have multivitamins that nourish the brain and helps improve cognitive abilities.

9_baby frut basketIt is often challenging to make children eat fruits if they don’t want to take it down. Because children tend to be stubborn, what they do not like they do not. However, for the sake of their health, it is advisable that the parent be patient on the endeavour. To make things easy for you, here are five tips that can help you feed your child with fruits:

  • Prepare Smoothies: If your child rejects whole fruits, then it is a great idea to prepare smoothies. For doing this, all you have to do is get a blender and put some milk, fruits and if required a little ice-cream, and then blend it into a great creamy smoothie. You can add applesauce in case they have an allergy to milk products.
  •  Allow them to imitate: Children always try to imitate adults. So, if you eat fruits yourself in front of them and behave like enjoying them immensely, they would be motivated to try it out themselves and be hooked to it.
  • Add dressings: Most children do not like to eat raw fruits. In such cases, it is always advisable to prepare fruit salads with dressings. Bananas, cucumbers, peaches and fruits that your child has a distaste for can be served with yogurt, and apples taste great with almond butter.
  • Break monotony: Ensure that the kids are not served with the same course of fruits every day. Variety and rotation are necessary for any diet. Having the same fruits everyday may induce predictability and make them lose interest. Try different seasonal fruits and serve fresh, avoid frozen fruits.
  • As a last resort, if everything else fails, make pureed fruits and use them as fillers for sandwiches and burgers.

What Fruit to Serve Baby?


What fruit to serve baby depends on how old your baby is. For the first 6 months, all the baby needs is breast milk or formula milk.

Once you begin solid foods, the baby can have diluted vegetable or fruit juice at meal times. This is, however, not necessary and plain water is the best accompaniment for milk. But, if you intend to raise the baby as a vegetarian, diluted fruit juice at meal times is good for her health.

9_baby frut basketIf you are bent on giving fruit juice, remember to dilute it. Offer the juice in a cup or beaker at meal times and not in a bottle nor before bed time. This is so as to protect the baby’s teeth from decay. Also, you should also never feed the baby sugary drinks. Fruits can be served pureed, mashed or as finger food. It will help the baby explore new flavours.

What are some fruits suited to the diet of a baby?  They are as follows:

  • Apples: They are wonder fruits and ideal for the baby.
  • Apricots: They are rich in Lycopene, Vitamin A and Vitamin C.
  • Bananas: They are excellent source of nutrition and ideal for being one of the first foods for the baby.
  • Blueberries: They are rich in anti-oxidants, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and fibre. Start giving this after baby completes 8 months.
  • Cantaloupes or melons: Rich in Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, they are full of Beta carotene ideal for healthy vision and development of eye.
  • Cherries: They are sweet, yummy and tiny and highly nutritious. These tiny fruits pack a big punch of important nutrients.
  • Cranberries: They are rich in Vitamin A and prevent allergies. The tartness of this berry is loved by many babies.
  • Grapes: Packed with Calcium and Vitamins, mashed grapes with other food are wonderful for babies.
  • Kiwis or Chinese gooseberry: They are rich in fibre, vitamin C, Folate and potassium.
  • Mango: It contains Vitamin K. This delicious fruit is packed with nutrients and loved by babies in mashed or other forms.
  • Papaya: It is a fruit rich in nutrients. It contains high amounts of Vitamin C, which helps in absorbing non-heme iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. it is a good source of folic acid and fibre.
  • Nectarines and peaches: The only difference between the two is lack of fuzz on the skin of nectarines. Peaches have a fine diuretic effect and also possess qualities of a good laxative.
  • Pears: They are a fruit gentle on the tummy and so ideal for babies suffering from reflux.
  • Prunes and plums: One common feature with all types of plums is their high nutritional content. Plums are rich in Vitamins A and C, are sodium free, low in cholesterol and high in fibre.
  • Pumpkins: They are loaded with Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.
  • Strawberries: Amazing source of Vitamin C, they are loved for their taste and colour.

So, now you know what fruits are good for a baby. When you are planning to send baby fruit basket to a baby you know and love, keep these fruits in mind and pick the ones, which are the most nutritious.

Why you should buy a Baby Fruit Basket


Whenever we think of a gift for a new born baby or a baby celebrating its first birthday or any special occasion, we only think of toys or clothes for the little sweety. However now with so many varieties of gift hampers provided by retailers, you have extensive set of choices to buy for the baby gift. There are trends of buying gift hampers for various occasions instead of a single thing. It is because gift hampers are properly wrapped and also customized specially for a particular occasion or celebration. It gets you rid of thinking too hard for a simple gift. All you need to do is go online, choose a gift under the occasion category and just place an order. You don’t even need to go yourself to get it delivered but just comfortably sit in your place and enjoy.

9_baby frut basketHere we are giving you the idea of buying a baby fruit basket for the lovely kid who is either celebrating some astonishing event of his life like a birthday or first walk, or has just entered the world to experience its glory. Welcome the little one with a colorful and juicy fruit basket to show him the colors of life. Fruit basket gift is an indication that the baby also experiences the true colors of his life with full joy and his life remains refreshing and charming just like these glorious fruits. The variety of fruits in the basket depicts the joyful phases of baby’s life that he would cherish on entering into a new phase.

Fruits have various other benefits like their nutritious values let the mother and child remain healthy and have a healthy diet which is very necessary in initial days. The mother also needs proper caring with nutritious diet to gain strength and regain her stamina to come back to routine life. Since she is weak after pregnancy and labor, it is vital that her fruits intake is increased to give her good health. Also mums who feed their child are recommended to have more fruits or fresh fruit juices so that both mum and child get proper nutrition to grow well. The child gets nutrition from its mum so mum needs to feed her well to keep her child healthy as well.

Fruit hampers are gorgeously designed as they are created by proper experts hired by retailers. They thoughtfully arrange season’s best fruits in various trendy combinations which can amuse the recipient. So getting a fruit basket for a baby is a good choice because it perfectly complements the occasion. Also there are various cute new baby fruit baskets out there which have fruits accompanied by other items like teddy bear, chocolates, cookies, new baby cakes and many more such auspicious items.

Fruit baskets will also keep you different from all others because people will usually bring general gifts like baby clothes, stuff toys, or baby pampering accessories. However, sending baby fruit basket would be a totally new and different idea and your loved one would also be pleasured for getting such a fantastic idea on such an occasion.

Fruit baskets are quite handy and also cheap. You are saving so much time, money and effort for such occasion. You do not need to think much while buying fruit baskets because they are already arranged, wrapped and delivered carefully to the destination without any hurdle. Instead of buying expensive clothing for the little kid or going for a typical stuffed toy, you can buy a fruit basket for a change and the recipients would also love this different gift. So next time you have to gift a child, get fruit baskets in your choice list.

Gifts for special occasions


There are many occasions that are special and leave the person to wonder as to what is to be bought for the family and friends. The gift basket is termed to be a popular choice among people in huge numbers since they are easy to buy and suit all occasions. What actually makes the gift hampers to be quite effective as presents is that they are designed specially to meet various types of occasions like Christmas, baby showers, birthdays and other gift giving holidays.

Birthday gifts

The birthday of a child or the birth of a new born can be termed to be a day that fills every parent with immense joy and happiness. This is the day when relatives, friends and neighbors are invited to the occasion and celebrated with grandeur and pomp. The birthday gift basket probably would make it possible for the individual to make sure that it gets filled with every type of treat that is possible and the selection can range from exotic items to the general ones found in the market. This means, the individual can set a realistic budget depending on how much he would like to spend on the gift. Besides standard gift baskets containing candy and flowers, also there are present several types of luxury gift hampers, which comprise of the best wine and fine gourmet food.

bgBaby fruit basket

The gift basket for celebrating the new born baby can be of varied choice and tastes. It can either be a fruit basket for the mother, who would look forward to regain strength and composure after delivering the baby or the basket can contain stuffs exclusively for the new born like diapers, feeding bottle, tips for new mothers, baby shampoo, baby powder and many more. There are also themed baskets available in the market with some selective ones for boys and some for girls. Such baskets mostly comprise of items like teddy bears, baby clothes, small harmless toys, lotions, soaps, etc. Generally, the baskets packed in a nice way and given an impressive appearance, with laces along with other types of decorative materials. The other gift baskets could focus on themes like bath time that is complete with rubber ducky and towel, new baby necessity bag containing everything which the expectant mother is likely to require for the baby from time to time.

30_baby fruit basketSearching for new born baby baskets

The person can find them at the nearest departmental store or in any shop that sells baby products. But with advancement in technology and computers almost penetrating every home along with the internet, it has become quite easy for the individual to make purchases online. The Google is a wonderful place to start the search and within seconds, it is possible to pull up hundreds of sites that throw up a huge collection of choices from where the individual can make the purchase. Choosing a good site that has reputation in the market would definitely help the person to make the right choice and win praise from others.