Benefits of eating nutritious fruits


Why fruits are considered nutritious?

Fruits are the form of edible food which you can consume in a completely raw form. You simply don’t have to cook them or process them. Thus the nutrients present in a bowl of fruits like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and multi vitamins can be directly absorbed by the body. The consumption of nutritious fruits helps prevent the outcome of so many chronic diseases. Fruits are easily digestible and provide you with the right amount of glucose which is transformed into instant energy. The body’s immune system improves and hence metabolic functions are performed by the body without any hassles.

Daily in-take of fruits based on age, sex and amount of physical activity


The amount of fruit in-take differs from individual to individual. If you consume fruits daily, it is very healthy. The quantity of fruits which you need to consume depends on age, sex and amount of physical activity.

A chart gives you an overall approximation of daily in-take of fruits

  • Kids who are 2-3 years old need 1 cup of fruits.
  • Children between 4-8 years old need 1 to 1.5 cups of fruits
  • Girls in the age group of 9-13 year olds and 14-18 year olds need a cup or one and a half cups of fruits.

    These can include fruits like apples, bananas, kiwis, grapes and oranges. A mix of apricots, plums, peaches, guavas and strawberries also add to exotic assortment of delicious fruits.

  • Boys who are in the age group between 9-13 and 13-18 year olds require fruit bowls varying 1.5 to 2 cups.Like-wise you can refer to a nutritional or a dietary chart indicating the daily requirements of Young as well as old men and women.

The quantity of recommended amount of fruits are meant for people who get less than 30 minutes of physical activity. Day to day normal activities do not come under this category. Physical activity refers to walking, cycling, swimming, running, etc.

If you do a proper work out for 30-45 minutes every day or at least 4 days in a week, then you can consume more amount of fruits but with minimal effect on calorific values. Say for example, an athlete who practices running for 6 hours a day may require 4 cups of high calorific fruits, 4 yolks of eggs and 2 cups of yoghurt as he/she indulges in heavy physical activity.


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Fruits can be consumed for overall improvement of skin and hair texture as well. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are major nutrients for the nourishment of skin and hair. Fruits rich in these vitamins can help you get the glow from within. If you also consume foods rich in iron and calcium, you can prevent premature greying of hair. And calcium is detrimental to maintaining healthy bones and strong teeth.

Women above 30 years of age are more prone to osteoporosis and dental related problems owing to decline in the amount of calcium present in the body. Consumption of fruits rich in calcium and folate including green leafy vegetables can help prevent this underlying condition.

Again consumption of fresh fruits makes your body feel fresh. You feel more energetic and agile and are able to complete your daily activities without the huff and puff. Guys who consume double cheese burgers and pizzas may feel sluggish rather than energetic.

These pointers are given for you to understand the importance of consuming raw un-cooked food.

Nutritional benefits of luscious oranges


Oranges are known as tangerine in parts of Europe and the UK. It belongs to the category of citrus fruits. Other fruits belonging to the same category include grapes, lemon and other variant of orange species known as mandarin oranges. The botanical name of the fruit is Citrus sinensis.

These tasty and luscious fruits can be eaten in a raw form and you can savor in the form of fresh juices. Orange juice provides you with instant energy. Marmalade jams are made from the fresh peel of oranges. Cakes or puddings are made from the peel as well. You can dry peels of oranges and use the same as a face-pack in order to get a glowing as well as a youthful skin. A lot of skin creams have orange extracts as a main ingredient to replenish damaged or worn out cells of the skin.

Health benefits of oranges
• Nutrients present in oranges are plentiful in nature. The fruit is low in calories and has no sources of cholesterol. It has dietary fiber which absorbs fat or cholesterol from the body.
• The dietary fiber takes away toxin chemicals from entering the colon of mucous membrane. It prevents forms of colon cancers thereby.

Oranges like other citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in building your overall immunity and prevents inflammations near the nasal area or in the lungs from accumulating and causing infections.

The phyto-chemicals or nutrients present in oranges include hesperetin, naringin and naringenin. It provides useful anti-oxidants to the body responsible for overall growth and body development.
• Oranges are very good sources of Vitamin A and is enriched with alpha and beta carotenes. Vitamin A helps you maintain good vision and has a healthy effect on mucous membrane.

Citrus fruits in general are known for their wholesome nutritive properties and has many health benefits. The soluble and insoluble dietary fiber helps prevent cancers, obesity, arthritis and coronary heart diseases.

Selection and storage
Buy oranges fresh from the organic farm. These oranges are rich and bright in color, wrinkle free, feels heavy for their size and have a nice fresh aroma. Oranges can be kept a room temperature for over a week. And can be kept inside the fruit/vegetable compartment in a fridge for over two weeks. Fresh juices have to be kept in air-tight jars. Preferably friendly plastic containers can be used to enhance the freshness and nutritive value of the juices.
Serving tips
1. Oranges are great addition to green as well as fruit salads.
2. Orange fruit juice can be a refreshing drink which keeps you energetic and active for the rest of the day.
3. Oranges are used in the preparation of jams, juices and jellies.
4. Orange peel which has a zest factor attributed to it is used in the preparation of popular dishes. It has a rich flavor when added to various cuisines.


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How to buy Cheap Fruit Baskets


A fruit basket is the latest trend in the gifts market and is getting popular day by day for its unique ideas, versatility and affordability. Instead of buying expensive gifts, it is better to wish your loved ones with a gorgeously designed fruit basket to give them a refreshing feel. Fruits are healthy, tasteful and can suit any occasion or person. Hence, sending a fruit basket to your loved one also relieves you from the stress of gift selection. You can easily purchase a commendable fruit hamper online at reasonable rates and also delight your loved ones with such a spectacular gift idea.


Farm-Fresh-Fruit-Basket-300x300Here are a few insights that can help you find cheap fruit baskets for any occasion and get you away from the burden of heavy spending while you are on tight budget.

Market Survey

You can start with a simple window shopping by checking different varieties of fruit baskets available in the market. This will give you an idea as to what type of fruit baskets are available and also give you a price insight. You can check the fruit baskets online or go to the local retail stores yourself to search for customized fruit baskets. If you are checking them online, you can analyze the retailer’s repo through their customer reviews or service ratings. Additionally, doing a market survey would enhance your choice set for buying a glamorous fruit basket for the lovely occasion.

Mode of Occasion

It is important to know the nature of event being celebrated as it would help you make your decision quick. Some ceremonies are very formal like Weddings, Anniversary, Engagements, while others are informal like a Birthday Bash, Family Dinner, Christmas Party, or a Get Well Soon scenario. Therefore, your choice of fruit basket must be in accordance with the ceremony or event.

This is necessary to consider because you do not need to get embarrassed for sending a usual fruit basket on a Wedding Ceremony. It would create an awkward situation for both sender and recipient. Hence, you must assure that you look for the kind of fruit baskets that are suitable for your recipients’ needs.

Use Social Sites for Updates

Social Media is currently the hub to find relevant retailers and online shopping stores. You can easily check out the local retailers offering customary fruit basket presents, by following their social pages on Twitter, Face Book, and Instagram etc. They regularly update their customers and followers on day-to-day basis about the latest product offerings and variety. Also it is easy for you to find cheap fruit baskets as they would be informing their customers about the latest discount offers or other pricing benefits for buying fruit baskets.

Discount & Promotional Offers

Due to hectic competition in the gifts delivery market, many companies and retailers have introduced discount offers on their popular items to attract customers. Now you can get cheap fruit baskets that are both luxurious and of high quality fruits because the retailers are fighting to gain maximum customer base. This tough competition seems fruitful for the customers as they can get distinctive variety of fruits, lavishly assorted in stylish hampers and baskets offered at discounted prices.

All you need to do is keep an eye on your local retailers’ offerings. This can be easily done by joining their fan pages on social media where they regularly update their customers about these offers. Also there are seasonal offers or discount trends for specific occasions, hence you can avail these facilities without emptying your wallet.

So, if you are looking for easy ways to buy cheap fruit baskets for any kind of occasion, then you must follow these simple steps to make a quick and easy purchase decision.

Purchasing or making own fruit baskets


There could be occasions, when sending a gift becomes very important. This is not only to impress the receiver, but also to save from embarrassment for having missed out on it. Although there are a variety of gifts to be selected and sent, one of the best and easy one is the fruit basket.


Presenting fruit baskets as a gift

Fruit baskets do make great gifts which come with fruit assortments. The individual can either have it ordered from a regular store, online store or create it all by himself. Traditional fruit baskets contain usually fruits like apples, grapes, bananas, grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, etc. Also, the fruit baskets can be decorated artfully for appealing the recipient and to be eye catching.

However, these baskets do contain much more than just the fruits. In case, the favourite taste of the recipient is known, then one can also include an assortment of cheese, gourmet crackers, chocolates, jams, summer sausages, nuts, mouth-watering fruit dips, and many more. Such a selection is sure to take the recipient by surprise.

Making online orders

At the same time, the individual can also order for a huge variety of theme based fruit baskets from some online gift stores. However, it is to be ensured that such stores are reliable and trustworthy. They should keep only fresh fruits and pack it only after the individual orders them. It should be delivered to the recipient in fresh condition, so that the meaning of the gift is retained and the receiver can enjoy it thoroughly. Most online stores do offer next fruit bowl services. Also, their rates are affordable and one can order for fruit baskets being within their budget.

Fruit baskets for all occasions

There is no need for a special occasion for the individual to gift the fruit baskets. This is because this basket can be given just for any occasion and is sure to be enjoyed. They can be shared on mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, Valentine, etc. It can also be given on birthdays, get well soon, and thank you gifts. Businesses for a long time have been sending such gifts to its partners, clients, and the others to celebrate success or as a reminder gift. Whatever be it, fruit baskets do make a long lasting impression and can be a wonderful gift.

Finding a good gift

In case, the individual is confused to choose among the hundreds of gift ideas present, then it would be better on his part to take the assistance of a professional. Most online sites do have experienced and friendly customer service executives, who would be more than eager to help with the selection. They can assist in finding the right hamper, which would meet the taste of the recipient and his preferred choice. Also, the individual can add a small message with the basket to convey greetings on the occasion or show how much the recipient is being missed. This is regarded to be a fabulous way for personalizing the gift basket.

Fruit baskets: An enduring healthy gift for every occasion


An introduction to fruits

One of the most enjoyed gifts of all times is the fruit basket. This is because it is filled with nutritious, juicy, and mouth-watering fruits that are a favourite for almost everyone. Fruit baskets are said to have been enjoyed right from the time when hunter gatherer societies initially started to collect fruits for consumption. The early fruit baskets were known to contain locally collection of fruits. However, over a period of time, different varieties of fruits easily became available. Citrus fruits were introduced to Europe in the early 4th Century BCE. It was Alexander the Great, who had brought with him the very first citrus tree in Greece. Pears and apples were for centuries cultivated in Europe. The early colonists brought with them to America different varieties of fruit trees. Today, almost every country has easy access to citrus fruits.


Commercial fruit baskets

The fruit baskets actually began to become a commercial gift idea only in the early 40’s and 50’s of the last century. The florists trying to expand their market tried on the fruit baskets that indeed became an instant hit. These were cellophane paper wrapped to appear interesting and attractive. Such baskets were known to become an instant hit among everyone. It is now possible for any person to get fruit baskets to be sent to anyone across the globe at the click of a button. There are many websites that have been providing such services and ensure that the fruit baskets are delivered fresh and enjoyed by the recipient. Now, one can easily send a fruit basket in UK from any part of the world.

Easily available

Today, people are given a variety of choices to make from. There are huge collections of some of the most exotic fruits that can be a hit with the recipient. A well selected fruit basket to match the tastes, needs and requirements of the recipient can go well to create a wonderful impression. Also, there are several online stores that do specialize in particular kinds of themed gift hampers, and also, ensure next day delivery.

Healthy gift option

The fruit baskets do prove to be a healthy gift option and is full of vital minerals and vitamins that are required by the body. They also make a wonderful gift for any traditional holiday such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and much more. These also enhance the importance of the occasion by wishing the recipient and the family a healthy one. The themed fruit baskets do make an interesting choice.

Fruit baskets undoubtedly make wonderful gifts and are not expensive, which make it easier on the pocket. It could also be a wonderful choice for those who have not been able to taste a particular choice of fruit for a long time. Such baskets can surely make the recipient happy and help them to have a great celebration.

The traditional fruit baskets are fast becoming a wonderful option and the various choices present can be quite remarkable.