Things to know about Lychee


This hard small brownish red fruit is a native to China. This is the perfect summer fruit if you are bored of mangoes. The word, lychee means gift for royal life. It definitely lives up to the name. Litchi contains several vitamins and nutrients that help fight diseases. While you are at it, keep reading to know why you should eat lychee.


  • Immunity: –

Litchi can strengthen immunity and increase the metabolism in our body. The vitamin C content helps the body in functioning better. The fruit is highly recommended for young kids and growing ones. Often doctors’ advice mothers to feed lychee to their babies since it can save them from infections which happen in day to day life.

  • Cancer: –

Lychee has anti-cancer possessions. The fruit contains flavones, quercitin and kaemferol. These are powerful and reduce the risk of cancer and proliferation of cancer cells. For all the women, litchi is amazing for breast cancer too. Consume it daily!

  • Digestion: –

Yes, lychee can aid digestion. It keeps the stomach clean, helps the stomach if you are suffering from ulcers and also cures heartburns. It increases the energy levels in the body making it active and fit. Oh and also, the seed of litchi consists of astringent properties which are used for intestinal tract issues. It frees the body from intestinal worms.

  • Maintains bones: –

If you have weak bones then add lychees to your diet. Litchi consists of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, Vitamin D and calcium. All these components together will help you secure your bones and prevent from any bone disease as well as maintain the bones and strengthen brittle ones if you suffer from any bone issues. This is one of the best sources to maintain healthy bones.

  • Liver functions: –

Lychee improves the liver functions in the body. It is a rich source of B complex vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and folates. These vitamins help us to increase and improve the functioning of the immune system in the best way possible. Also, litchi advances the functioning of other organs, mostly liver.

  • Skin and hair benefits: –

Since lychee consists of Vitamin C and B both, it is incredible for the skin. It helps the skin and acts as a protecting agent towards pollution and UV rays. The antioxidants neutralize the free radicals and thus protect the skin cells from any harm and damage. Lychee also protects from skin cancer. Also, with your health and skin, this fruit works wonders for the hair too. Like we said earlier that litchi is rich in vitamin c, this protects the hair from damage and hair fall. Plus it ensures blood supply to the follicles. It provides oxygen and nourishes the hair with the adequate nutrients it consists of. A balanced diet including lychee will fix your skin, health and hair issues.

15_fruitRemember to make lychee a part of the fruit hampers you gift across to friends and family. While sending fruit baskets in UK, add litchis.