How to Cheer Up a Depressed Soul?


All of us go through periods of elation and those of depression. You may want to cheer up a loved one who is down in the dumps. This can be done by empathizing with their plight, give a listening ear to as they vent their feelings and helping them look at their situation with a fresh perspective.

Here are some simple steps to cheer up some one in a depressed state:


  • Listening and empathizing: Most of the time your loved one is not looking for advice, but only a listening ear to their problems and grievances. If he or she wants to share their feelings with you, sit by her side and lend her a shoulder to cry on. Never interrupt the person when she is talking and try to be deeply interested in what she says. Don’t give her the feeling that she is a burden and waste of time to you.
  • Ask relevant questions: One of the best ways to open a channel of conversation is to ask relevant questions particularly about what she is feeling. The idea is to steer clear of asking questions which are far removed from the problem as it will confuse and make them unhappy. Some good questions are: How does it make you feel?  Do you want advice from someone we know?
  • Relate to the situation: Don’t remove the focus on her problem but acquaint her with a similar situation you have faced and any lessons you have gained from it. To relate to a person means the way you console her, not what you say.


  • Offer advice if proper:  After considering the situation and finding out what the problem is, take some time to decide what the best course of action is. Let her know if you have an idea or solution. Make sure you don’t lie if you don’t have any idea. In such a case, refer her case to a person with a better idea. While offering advice, present one option but remember to make her aware that every problem has multiple solutions.
  • Be face to face: Modern technology makes things as much complicated as simple. You may feel that sending a warm text message will do.  But being face to face for exchanging emotions and feelings is probably the ideal method for making her feel better.


  • Offering thoughtful gifts: One of the most warm and fuzzy feelings is when you get a special and unexpected gift for no reason at all. Giving a gift can make the day of a person and often, the gesture of the gift is more important than the actual gift. A gift need not be expensive but only creative. Small gestures like sending fruit baskets are more valuable than a costly bauble from a store.

10_sending fruit

  • Make them smile: Bring a smile to the person’s face either by sporting a warm, reassuring smile yourself or cracking jokes in good taste that they will like. Funny stories and jokes are good ice breakers are after discussing her problem at length.

These are some of the tips o cheer up a depressed friend. Being there for them in their bad times is the best thing you can do.