When you have to buy something special for him


A health-conscious man may appreciate you opting for next day fruit basket delivery as a gift but along with these, you can also gift some other useful items. So if you are looking for some gifting options for you husband, colleague, brother or friend, then here are some options for you:

  • Luggage items – Although men usually travel lighter than women, they don’t want to look any less stylish than their female counterparts! There are plenty of options for women, but there are just as many for men too. In fact, many luggage manufacturing companies have entire ranges of bags, satchels, suitcases and much more just for men. Why don’t you try this as a gift? It’s thoughtful, practical and can also be stylish – all at the same time.
  • Bottle openers – Do you know that many men who open bottles with metal caps with their teeth secretly wish that they had a bottled opener that they would carry in their wallet, just as conveniently as they carry around their money and cards? Well, here’s good news! There are bottle openers that are shaped like business cards! So your special man need not have to scrape his gums or struggle with make-shift bottle openers the next time he’s in the mood to get a little buzzed!


  • Phone cases – Yes, both men and women use phone cases. Even children with expensive phone like keeping their phones covered at all times. After all, phone cases protect the phone and the trendy ones also make your phone look more stylish. But there are special phone cases made of leather that look great for men. Some of them can even be personalised with photographs and special sayings so opt for one of these the next time you want to gift him something.
  • Wine bottle accessories –Wines that are not stored properly may not taste that great when they are served. There are many men who are fond of a good, full bodied white or red on lazy evenings, just as much as the enjoy a shot of whiskey or scotch in a bar. Wine chillers and stoppers are excellent gifts for men who love their wines. It makes for a classy gift that is also a very practical one. The lucky guy can serve wine in a good way, every time he has to impress someone with some chilled wine!
  • Drinking glasses – Tankards, mugs, wine glasses or shot glasses – you name them and men would love getting them as gifts because they use it in many places. They like drinking their coffee from an insulated and lidded mug in their car, they like sipping on a cocoa concoction in their work place, they like sipping on some liquor during the weekends or after a hard day’s work – and thus love any such glasses as gifts.

It’s not just women who need to be pampered, soothed or appeased. Even men like to be showered with gifts once in a while. They may act like they don’t mind if someone forgot their birthday or if they don’t get a gift from their friends and loved ones for an occasion, but they surely hope for some cool gifts secretly, just as women do!


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