Why Banana Is A Healthy Fruit


Having a fruit on an everyday basis is a very healthy choice of life. So one should definitely have one fruit at least each day.

For fruit basket delivery UK one should always go for fresh fruits that are not only seasonal but also very good for health. Almost every fruit has some or the other benefits and a fruit like banana is easily available throughout the year and is loaded with goodness.

Here are some major benefits of having bananas every day. It is said that a single piece of banana has only 90 calories and so it is a very healthy snack option. So, whenever one feels a bit hungry, they can peel off a banana and have it. This can easily fill up the sudden hunger pangs. Not only low on calories, but 100 grams of banana has only 0.3 gm of fat, 1 mg salt, 360 mg of potassium and 2.6 gm of dietary fibre. Apart from that, there are 0ther benefits as well.

High Fibre Content

This fruit is full of fibre and that too both soluble and insoluble. The soluble fibres are known to slow down the digestion process and keep one feeling full for a long time. That is why; most people have bananas in breakfast so that it remains in the stomach for a long time.

Heart Health

As they contain high fibre, there are good for heart health as well. Consuming bananas at regular intervals can actually lower the risk of both coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Ease in Digestion

As it has been said earlier bananas do have insoluble fibres as well. This can easily stimulate the digestive juices and so it can speed up the metabolism process. Also, those who are suffering from constipation issues are advised to eat bananas as it can regularise the bowel movements.

Powerhouse of Nutrients

This is a very heavy weight fruit when it comes to nutrition. This fruit has a lot of essential vitamin and minerals along with manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, folate, riboflavin and Vitamin B6. They can always aid in proper functioning of a human body and keeps it healthy.

High Source of Potassium

Banana is also a very high source of potassium and this mineral has a lot of health benefit properties. This helps in keeping the blood pressure under control and regulates the heart beat. It also keeps the brain sharp. So, to keep both the heart and brain healthy, one should keep eating bananas on a daily basis.

Blood Pressure

Bananas have a very low salt content and also high potassium content and so it is a perfect fruit to keep the blood pressure level in control in a human body.

Helps to fight Anaemia

This fruit has high iron content and so they are good for those who are suffering from anaemia. In increases the number of red blood cells or haemoglobin in a body.

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